„Splendid, it has done me enormous good to finally see and read something in Switzerland that isn't bullshit. All of it is very nice, it is really something; your manifesto expresses every philosophy seeking truth, when there is no truth, only convention.“

— Francis Picabia, In a letter to Tristan Tzara, Nov. 1919, (after having received a copy of 'Manifesto Dada 3.', written by Tzara); as quoted in: TaTa Dada: The Real Life and Celestial Adventures of Tristan Tzara, Marius Hentea, MIT Press, 12 Sep 2014, p. 115

Francis Picabia foto
Francis Picabia2
1879 - 1953

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„Seek Truth from Facts“

— Deng Xiaoping Chinese politician, Paramount leader of China 1904 - 1997
Actually from the Han Shu 《漢書·河間獻王劉德傳》, not coined by Mao Zedong nor by Deng Xiaoping, popularized by various people before them.

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„When truth was revealed to me I never doubted it.“

—  Ali cousin and son-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad 599 - 661

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