„The mountain moon shines on a cloudless sky.
Deep in the night the wind rises among the pines.
I wish to weave my thoughts into a song for my jade lute,
But the pine wind never ceases blowing.“

—  Zhu Yizun

"Written at Mauve Garden: Pine Wind Terrace" (tr. Y. N. Chang and Lewis C. Walmsley), in Sunflower Splendor: Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry, eds. Wu-chi Liu and Irving Yucheng Lo (1975), p. 477; also in The Luminous Landscape: Chinese Art and Poetry, ed. Richard Lewis (1981), p. 57.

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„The yellow sand rises as high as white cloud;
The lonely town is lost amid the mountains proud.
Why should the Mongol flute complain no willows grow?
Beyond the Jade Gate vernal wind will never blow!“

—  Wang Zhihuan Chinese poet 688 - 742

"Out Of The Great Wall" (《出塞》), trans. Yuanchong Xu
Original: (zh) 黄河远上白云间,

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„Translation: Sun, wind and water are
The best as I know
But it's on you, I
Think secretly
Sun, wind and water
High mountains and deep sea
That is my dream woven off.“

—  Kenneth Gärdestad Swedish song lyricist, architect and lecturer 1948 - 2018

Sol, vind och vatten är
Det bästa som jag vet
Men det är på dig jag
Tänker I hemlighet
Sol, vind och vatten
Höga berg och djupa hav
Det, är mina drömmar vävda av
"Sol, vind och vatten", lyrics written by Kenneth
Song lyrics, Ted (1973)
Original: (sv) Sol, vind och vatten är
Det bästa som jag vet
Men det är på dig jag
Tänker I hemlighet
Sol, vind och vatten
Höga berg och djupa hav
Det, är mina drömmar vävda av

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„Warm summer sun, shine kindly here;
Warm southern wind, blow softly here;
Green sod above, lie light, lie light —
Good-night, dear heart, good-night, good-night.“

—  Mark Twain American author and humorist 1835 - 1910

Epitaph for his daughter, Olivia Susan Clemens (1896), this is actually a slight adaptation of the poem "Annette" by Robert Richardson; more details are available at "The Poem on Susy Clemens' Headstone" http://www.twainquotes.com/headstone.html

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„The night folds her trembling hands over a weary world. Out of a pale blue rises the shining moon. My thoughts are flying to the stars like lonely swans.“

—  Joseph Goebbels Nazi politician and Propaganda Minister 1897 - 1945

Nacht faltet zitternde Hände über der müden Welt. Aus blassem Blau steigt leuchtend der Mond. Meine Gedanken fliegen wie einsame Schwäne in die Sterne.
Michael: a German fate in diary notes (1926)

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„Eros has shaken my mind,
wind sweeping down the mountain on oaks“

—  Sappho ancient Greek lyric poet -630 - -570 a.C.

Stanley Lombardo translations, Frag. 26

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„I arise from dreams of thee
In the first sweet sleep of night,
When the winds are breathing low,
And the stars are shining bright.“

—  Percy Bysshe Shelley English Romantic poet 1792 - 1822

The Indian Serenade http://www.poetry-archive.com/s/the_indian_serenade.html (1819), st. 1

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„If you want a peaceful place to dwell
Cold Mountain is guaranteed forever
A light wind blows softly in the pines
The sound is good when you are close
One old man sits beneath the trees
Reading Lao Tzu and Huang Ti, mumbling
I could not find the world if I searched ten years
I've forgotten the road by which I came“

—  Han-shan Chinese monk and poet

Variant, lines 5–8:
Under a tree I'm reading
Lao-tzu, quietly perusing.
Ten years not returning,
I forgot the way I had come.
Translated by Katsuki Sekida[citation needed]
Cold Mountain Transcendental Poetry

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„This night of no moon
There is no way to meet him.
I rise in longing—
My breast pounds, a leaping flame,
My heart is consumed in fire.“

—  Ono no Komachi Japanese poet 825 - 900

p. 78
Donald Keene's Anthology of Japanese Literature (1955)
Original: (da) Hito ni awamu
Tsuki no naki yo wa
Mune hashiri hi ni
Kokoro yakeori

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