„Temple, who was driving, suddenly faltered and wept. “I’ve read that libraries are where immortality lies.... I don’t want my thoughts to die with me.... I want to have done something.... I’m not interested in power, or piles of money. I want to leave something behind. I want to make a positive contribution—know that my life has meaning. Right now, I’m talking about things at the very core of my existence.” I was stunned. As I stepped out of the car to say goodbye, I said, “I’m going to hug you. I hope you don’t mind.”“

—  Oliver Sacks, I hugged her—and (I think) she hugged me back. An Anthropologist On Mars, The New Yorker, 27 December 1993
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Oliver Sacks1
1933 - 2015

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„I’ve always wanted to come to England and now that I’m here I really, really love it and don’t want to go back. I love Molly’s life.“

—  Taylor Horn American musician and actor 1992
Horn on visiting England for the first time to visit her penpal, Molly Gamble in England Malvern Gaz http://www.webcitation.org/query?id=1256525759902277&url=www.geocities.com/thecoolchip03/malverngaz.htm article

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„I don’t want to torture anything. … it’s about trying to live a life where I’m not contributing to the cruelty in the world.“

—  Jessica Chastain American actress 1977
… While I am on this planet, I want everyone I meet to know that I am grateful they are here. On her veganism and lifestyle in a PETA press statement, as quoted in "PETA Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities 2012: Jessica Chastain And Woody Harrelson Win Celebrity Contest" by Tara Kelly, in The Huffington Post (29 June 2012) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/29/peta-sexiest-vegetarian-celebrities-2012_n_1638049.html

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