„I really want to see you,
Really want to be with you,
Really want to see you lord,
But it takes so long, my lord.“

My Sweet Lord (1970)

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George Harrison18
Cantor, compositor, produtor musical e cinematográfico brit… 1943 - 2001

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„If you want to innovate at scale, you have to get really clear about your values. What do you really want in your company? What is really important to you?“

—  Marc Benioff American businessman 1964

Diginomica: "Connect18 – Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on what happens next with MuleSoft" https://diginomica.com/2018/05/09/salesforce-ceo-marc-benioff-on-what-happens-next-with-mulesoft/ (9 May 2018)

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„I guess you go for nothing
if you really want to go that far.“

—  Leonard Cohen Canadian poet and singer-songwriter 1934 - 2016

"Death of a Ladies' Man" (1977)
Other Lyrics
Contexto: So the great affair is over
but whoever would have guessed
it would leave us all so vacant
and so deeply unimpressed.
It's like our visit to the moon
or to that other star
I guess you go for nothing
if you really want to go that far.

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„What I really want to see is work turned into play.“

—  Bob Black, livro The Abolition of Work

The Abolition of Work (1985)
Contexto: What I really want to see is work turned into play. A first step is to discard the notions of a "job" and an "occupation." Even activities that already have some ludic content lose most of it by being reduced to jobs which certain people, and only those people, are forced to do to the exclusion of all else. Is it not odd that farm workers toil painfully in the fields while their airconditioned masters go home every weekend and putter about in their gardens? Under a system of permanent revelry, we will witness the Golden Age of the dilettante which will put the Renaissance to shame. There won't be any more jobs, just things to do and people to do them.

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