„Canada came under the sweep of the Industrial Revolution at one stroke whereas the western movement of the United States was a gradual development. There are no transcontinental railroads controlled by one organization in the United States. In Canada transcontinental roads are distinct entities controlled in eastern Canada. Similarly in financial institutions the branch bank system with its headquarters in the east has been typical of Canada but not of the United States. No such tendency toward unity of structure in institutions and toward centralized control as found in Canada can be observed in the United States.“

—  Harold Innis, Conclusion, p. 401.
Harold Innis photo
Harold Innis
1894 - 1952

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„In China, the state controls the corporations, whereas in the United States, the corporations control the state.“

—  Ian Bremmer American political scientist 1969
"Dambisa Moyo's 6 Favorite Books," http://theweek.com/article/index/212693/dambisa-moyos-6-favorite-books The Week (March 4, 2011).

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„We must aim to make Canada a lower tax jurisdiction than the United States.“

—  Stephen Harper 22nd Prime Minister of Canada 1959
Vancouver Province, April 6, 2004: On Taxes.

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„It confirms my idea that you also need more liberal gun laws. Guns lead to a polite society, as we like to say in the United States. And I think that all of western Canada would agree with me.“

—  Ann Coulter author, political commentator 1961
"U of O Speech Cancelled" in The Ottawa Citizen (24 March 2010) http://www.ottawacitizen.com/technology/speech+cancelled/2718883/story.html.

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„There will be a sovereign Palestinian state, a sovereign Jewish state of Israel and those two states can, I think, will be able to deal with each other the same way all states do. I mean, you know, the United States and Canada has arguments once in a while, but they’re not the nature of arguments that can’t be solved diplomatically.“

—  Barack Obama 44th President of the United States of America 1961
Press conference in Ramallah (21 March 2013), as quoted in "Obama Compares Israeli-Palestinian Conflict to Arguments Between U.S. and Canada" in Wall Street Journal (21 March 2013) http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2013/03/21/transcript-of-obamas-press-conference-with-mahmoud-abbas/,

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„[Anne Murray] embodies the Canadian popular music industry. She's been so successful within Canada and internationally. She's really identified with Canada, even one of her songs Snowbird, that's so Canada.“

—  Anne Murray Canadian singer 1945
Brock Silversides, director of University of Toronto Libraries' Media Commons As quoted in Noreen Ahmed-Ullah, "'Canada's sweetheart' Anne Murray donates archives to U of T", 16 November 2017, University of Toronto, utoronto.ca https://www.utoronto.ca/news/canada-s-sweetheart-anne-murray-donates-archives-u-t

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„The United States Navy controls all of the oceans of the world.“

—  George Friedman American businessman and political scientist 1949
p. 17

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