„It'll say, 'Danny Elfman, who wrote the theme to 'The Simpsons,' etcetera... That's what I'll be remembered for.“

—  Danny Elfman, On what he believes will be his obituary, from the Los Angeles Times cover story, "A Different Beat", 1999.

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„Just remember the guy who slit Danny Pearl's throat is in Gitmo, and now they're doing it on TV... In order to be an effective president... when you say something you have to mean it... You've got to kill them.“

—  George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States 1946
"George W. Bush Bashes Obama on Middle East" http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-04-27/george-w-bush-bashes-obama-on-middle-east, by Josh Rogin, Bloomberg View (26 April 2015)


„Everything about Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, from its toy-box colors to its superb, hyper-animated Danny Elfman score to the butch-waxed hairdo and wooden-puppet walk of its star and mastermind is pure pleasure.“

—  Stephanie Zacharek American film critic 1963
Review http://www.salon.com/ent/movies/dvd/review/2000/10/10/peewees_big_adventure/index.html of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)

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„The value of having a computer, to me, is that it'll remember everything you do. It's a databank.“

—  John Cale Welsh composer, singer-songwriter and record producer 1942
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„I'll publish right or wrong:
Fools are my theme, let satire be my song.“

—  George Gordon Byron English poet and a leading figure in the Romantic movement 1788 - 1824
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