„To endow animals with human emotions has long been a scientific taboo. But if we do not, we risk missing something fundamental, about both animals and us.“

—  Frans de Waal, "Are We in Anthropodenial?" in Discover magazine (July 1997) http://discovermagazine.com/1997/jul/areweinanthropod1180

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Gary L. Francione photo
Simone de Beauvoir photo
J.M. Coetzee photo

„Before being humans, we are animals.“

—  Carlos Gershenson 1978
Artificial Societies of Intelligent Agents (2001), p. 26 (also on p. 4)

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov photo
Sri Aurobindo photo

„When we have passed beyond humanity, then we shall be the Man. The Animal was the helper; the Animal is the bar.“

—  Sri Aurobindo Indian nationalist, freedom fighter, philosopher, yogi, guru and poet 1872 - 1950
Thoughts and Glimpses (1916-17)

Ricky Gervais photo

„Animals are not here for us to do as we please with. We are not their superiors, we are their equals. We are their family. Be kind to them.“

—  Ricky Gervais English comedian, actor, director, producer, musician, writer, and former radio presenter 1961
Twitter, 17 November 2013; quoted in "Ricky Gervais Is PETA’s Person of the Year," PETA (23 December 2013) https://www.peta.org/blog/ricky-gervais-petas-person-year/

Glenn Dorsey photo

„I'm passionate about animals. … I think animal protection is so important because they need love, too, just like we do. They’re with us through thick and thin, and it’s very important to protect them.“

—  Glenn Dorsey American football player, defensive lineman 1985
"Glenn Dorsey for PETA" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOxVeO-qZUc, video interview with PETA (15 December 2011).

John Steinbeck photo
Dave Attell photo
George Moore (novelist) photo

„We humans are more complicated than animals, and we love through the imagination.“

—  George Moore (novelist) Irish novelist, short-story writer, poet, art critic, memoirist and dramatist 1852 - 1933
Memoirs of My Dead Life http://www.gutenberg.org/dirs/etext05/8mmdl10.txt (1906), Ch. 6: Spent Loves.

Christine O'Donnell photo
José Saramago photo

„If we cannot live entirely like human beings, at least let us do everything in our power not to live entirely like animals.“

—  José Saramago Portuguese writer and recipient of the 1998 Nobel Prize in Literature 1928 - 2008
Blindness (1995), Se não formos capazes de viver inteiramente como pessoas, ao menos façamos tudo para não viver inteiramente como animais. p. 116

Temple Grandin photo

„Animals make us Human.“

—  Temple Grandin USA-american doctor of animal science, author, and autism activist 1947

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