„Every now and again I get approached by "celebrities" [saying] "oh, you're doing a great job mate, I think it's wonderful what you're doing". Ok, and what you're gonna do? You're gonna make a freaking film now, aren't you? You're gonna make another bloody record! You're gonna stand in front of tens of thousands of people, you're gonna go on chat shows watched by millions of people! Are you gonna bring this subject up yourself? No! Why? "Me, me, me!" "I don't wanna affect my carrer!" I tell you... anyone in the public eye - come nowhere near me unless you are prepared to put your-bloody-self when your mouth is. Walk the talk or walk the other way!“

—  David Icke, Source: Icke's Remember Who You Are event, 2012

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„You're probably thinkin’ that you're gonna change me;
In some ways well maybe you might.
Scrub me down, dress me up.
Oh but no matter what,
Remember, I'm still a guy.“

—  Brad Paisley American country music singer 1972
I'm Still a Guy, written by Brad Paisley, Kelley Lovelace, and Lee Thomas Miller

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„Mr. Britton, don't be a wise guy, because I'm gonna mop up the floor with you if you're a wise guy to me. This is my playpen, not yours.“

—  Judith Sheindlin American lawyer, judge, television personality, and author 1942