„Develop your personality, so that you may leave your individual mark in whatever sphere you are privileged to serve“

—  Bidhan Chandra Roy, Convocation address to the students in 1956 in page=89
Bidhan Chandra Roy photo
Bidhan Chandra Roy14
Former Chief Minister of West Bengal, India 1882 - 1962

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„Serving means developing love. So unless you develop your love for God you cannot serve Him. Anywhere. Whenever you give some service, it is based on love. Just like mother giving service to the helpless child. Why? Love. So similarly, our life will be perfect when our love is perfect with the perfect Supreme Personality of Godhead. Then it is all right.“

—  A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Indian guru 1896 - 1977
Lecture - Seattle, September 30, 1968. Vanipedia http://vaniquotes.org/wiki/Serving_means_developing_love._So_unless_you_develop_your_love_for_God_you_cannot_serve_Him._Anywhere._Whenever_you_give_some_service,_it_is_based_on_love._Just_like_mother_giving_service_to_the_helpless_child._Why%3F_Love

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