„The Police report said they stabbed this guy 51 times.... bludgeoned him in the head with a heavy object 13 times and they shot him twice.... so I figure this guy's by the door on the way out going.... YOU DON'T HAVE TO LEAVE YET, DO YOU?!.... YOU HAVEN'T SHOVED A CHAINSAW UP MY ASS YET!.... MY HEAD'S STILL ON MY TORSO!!.... I'M GLAD YOU FUCKERS CAN HANDLE YOUR HIGH!“

—  Sam Kinison, On Manson-family murder victim Wojciech Frykowski
Sam Kinison photo
Sam Kinison
1953 - 1992

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„My girl has gone, and said goodbye.
Don't you cry, hold your head up high.
Don't give up, give love one more try,
'Cause there's a right girl for every guy.“

—  Smokey Robinson American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer 1940
My Girl Has Gone, written by Smokey Robinson, Ronald White, Pete Moore, and Marvin Tarplin (1965)

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„Mr. Britton, don't be a wise guy, because I'm gonna mop up the floor with you if you're a wise guy to me. This is my playpen, not yours.“

—  Judith Sheindlin American lawyer, judge, television personality, and author 1942

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