„Whenever you have to deal with a boy who is a rebel, remember that you must not fail at some time or other to get him to face the question, Are you going to be a fighter or a quarreller?“

—  Kurt Hahn

Quoted by Sir Robert Birley in Kurt Hahn: A Life Span in Education and Politics, ed. Herman Röhrs, 1966, tr. 1970, ISBN 0710068859, Foreword, p. xv.

Kurt Hahn photo
Kurt Hahn
pedagogo alemão 1886 - 1974

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„Yes, because that conceals their character. You don't know who you are talking to. Who you are dealing with. So, the face should be seen. That is even in Islam, even during the time of the holy Prophet Mohammed, women used to have bare faces. I mean women did not cover their faces.“

—  Maumoon Abdul Gayoom Maldivian politician, 3rd president of the Maldives 1937

When asked by al jazeera journalist, Juliana Ruhfus (in an interview on 8 August 2007) that there is a law (in Maldives) that women are not allowed to wear a dress that only shows the eyes.

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„When you can't do anything else to a boy, you can make him wash his face.“

—  E. W. Howe Novelist, magazine and newspaper editor 1853 - 1937

Travel Letters from New Zealand, Australia and Africa (1913), p120.

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„I picked this sprig of heather
Autumn has died you must remember
We shall not see each other ever
I'm waiting and you must remember
Time's perfume is a sprig of heather“

—  Guillaume Apollinaire, livro Alcools

J'ai cueilli ce brin de bruyère
L'automne est morte souviens-t'en
Nous ne nous verrons plus sur terre
Odeur du temps brin de bruyère
Et souviens-toi que je t'attends
"L'Adieu" (The Farewell), line 1; translation from Donald Revell (trans.) Alcools (Hanover, NH: Wesleyan University Press, 1995) p. 83.
Alcools (1912)

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„Whenever you write on a subject that questions the status quo, there are bound to be many who wrestle with the issues“

—  Ted Dekker, The Slumber of Christianity: Awakening a Passion for Heaven on Earth

Fonte: The Slumber of Christianity: Awakening a Passion for Heaven on Earth

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