„Most actors possess an intuitive side. Actually, the further away I am from the character, the less work I have to do. It takes so much more energy to detach yourself from your own life references that might cross wires with your character's. I think it's cheating for me to ever use my life references in conjunction with my characters. It's my reaction transferred to the character, which isn't good. What I have to do is erase those things and then find something else. I can't stand in front of a camera and let anything of myself come through or I'm betraying the character's complete trueness. There are some actors who just use themselves. They can wear their ego on their sleeve and it looks great. I can't do that.“

US Magazine (1991)

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River Phoenix16
Ator norte-americano. 1970 - 1993

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Whoopi Goldberg photo

„I'm an actor. That's what I do. I'm not a stand-up comic. I do characters. I'm very good. I'll be better. But right now I'm a very good actor.“

—  Whoopi Goldberg American actress 1955

As quoted in "Whoopi Goldberg, A One-Woman Character Parade" https://www.newspapers.com/image/?clipping_id=68252476 by Michael Kuchwara, AP Drama Writer, The Fremont News-Messenger (November 29, 1984), p. 31.

Johnny Depp photo
Jim Gaffigan photo

„Yeah, I am a character actor.“

—  Jim Gaffigan comedian, actor, author 1966

Doug Elfman (November 19, 2006) "Oh, 'Boys': New show centers on a female sportswriter who likes guys and likes to drink. Just don't call her 'hot.'", Chicago Sun-Times, p. D11.

„I don't care what they might think of me; but I don't want lies about my life used to invalidate the stories. My characters seem real because they are drawn from the realities of my life.“

—  Charles de Lint author 1951

"Journal Entries", p. 188
Memory and Dream (1994)
Contexto: I don't know why I care what people write about me after I'm dead, except that since I invest so much of my time telling the truth in my fiction, I'd hate to see someone play fast and loose with the pieces of my life. I don't care what they might think of me; but I don't want lies about my life used to invalidate the stories. My characters seem real because they are drawn from the realities of my life. I didn't have to research their pain; I just tapped into my own.

Johnny Depp photo

„I despise those prick actors who say, "I was in character," and "I became the character," and all that stuff. It's hideous. It's just masturbation at the highest level.“

—  Johnny Depp American actor, film producer, and musician 1963

Quoted in Chris Heath, "Johnny Depp's Savage Journey," http://www.johnnydeppfan.com/interviews/rs98.htm Rolling Stone (1998-06-11)

Tim Curry photo

„I think that if you get too close to the character, if you do too much historical research, you may find yourself defending your view of a character against the author's view, and I think that's terribly dangerous.“

—  Tim Curry English actor, voice artist, comedian and singer 1946

Tim Curry Plunges Ahead Into the Past, Part IV http://www.nytimes.com/1990/01/24/theater/tim-curry-plunges-ahead-into-the-past-part-iv.html (January 24, 1990)

Calum Worthy photo

„Distance in time has made my voice less contrived and subjective. I don’t feel I’m writing some kind of diary (which I kind of felt I was doing when I was 16). I am far more conscious of my voice and more disciplined in separating myself from my characters…“

—  Randa Abdel-Fattah contemporary Australian writer of novels for young adults 1979

On how it has changed for her writing in a teenager’s voice in “Randa Abdel-Fattah: Identity and emotion” https://www.writermag.com/writing-inspiration/author-interviews/randa-abdel-fattah/ in The Writer (2018 Jan 18)

Leonardo DiCaprio photo
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„As an actor, you're sort of the court-appointed lawyer for the character. And that's what used to draw me to scripts – something in a woman that I wanted to defend, something that I recognized or wanted to understand, something that turned my head.“

—  Vera Farmiga American actress 1973

As quoted in " Vera Farmiga interview: Chats 'Up in the Air' and her craft http://www.nj.com/entertainment/movies/index.ssf/2009/12/vera_farmiga_interview_chats_up_in_the_air_and_her_craft.html" by Stephen Whitty at NewJersey.com (December 7, 2009)

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Neamat Imam photo
Uri Geller photo

„I'll no longer say that I have supernatural powers. I am an entertainer. I want to do a good show. My entire character has changed.“

—  Uri Geller Israeli illusionist 1946

Interview in Magische Welt, November 2007; cited by James Randi, "Geller Reversal", SWIFT, 18 January 2008 http://www.randi.org/site/index.php/swift-blog/149-swift-january-18-2008.html

Suzan-Lori Parks photo

„I am the white woman character, black woman character. I am the black man character, the white man character…I have to stand in that person’s shoes.“

—  Suzan-Lori Parks American writer 1963

On embodying every one of her characters in “Pulitzer Prize Winner Suzan-Lori Parks Questions ‘Woke-ness’ With Her Latest Off-Broadway Play” http://www.playbill.com/article/pulitzer-prize-winner-suzan-lori-parks-questions-woke-ness-with-her-latest-off-broadway-play in Playbill (2019 Mar 1)

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