„I am obliged to interpolate some remarks on a very difficult subject: proof and its importance in mathematics. All physicists, and a good many quite respectable mathematicians, are contemptuous about proof. I have heard Professor Eddington, for example, maintain that proof, as pure mathematicians understand it, is really quite uninteresting and unimportant, and that no one who is really certain that he has found something good should waste his time looking for proof.“

Fonte: Ramanujan (1940), Ch. I : The Indian mathematician Ramanujan.

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G. H. Hardy photo
G. H. Hardy
1877 - 1947

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Nick Herbert photo

„The simplicity of Bell's proof opens it to everyone, not just physicists and mathematicians.“

—  Nick Herbert American physicist 1936

Fonte: Quantum Reality - Beyond The New Physics, Chapter 12, Bell's Interconnectedness Theorem, p. 215

Carl Friedrich Gauss photo

„I mean the word proof not in the sense of the lawyers, who set two half proofs equal to a whole one, but in the sense of a mathematician, where ½ proof = 0, and it is demanded for proof that every doubt becomes impossible.“

—  Carl Friedrich Gauss German mathematician and physical scientist 1777 - 1855

In a letter to Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers (14 May 1826), defending Chevalier d'Angos against presumption of guilt (by Johann Franz Encke and others), of having falsely claimed to have discovered a comet in 1784; as quoted in Calculus Gems (1992) by George F. Simmons

Arthur Stanley Eddington photo

„Proof is the idol before whom the pure mathematician tortures himself.“

—  Arthur Stanley Eddington British astrophysicist 1882 - 1944

Fonte: The Nature of the Physical World (1928), Ch. 15 Science and Mysticism

George Pólya photo
Richard Feynman photo

„For those who want some proof that physicists are human, the proof is in the idiocy of all the different units which they use for measuring energy.“

—  Richard Feynman, livro The Character of Physical Law

Fonte: The Character of Physical Law (1965), chapter 3, “The Great Conservation Principles,” p. 75

Gunnar Myrdal photo

„A mathematician, then, will be defined in what follows as someone who has published the proof of at least one non-trivial theorem.“

—  Jean Dieudonné

Mathematics and Mathematicians (1992); published in Is Mathematics Inevitable? A Miscellany (2008), edited by Underwood Dudley, p. 3. ISBN 0883855666

Richard Courant photo
Willem de Sitter photo
Stefan Banach photo

„A mathematician is a person who can find analogies between theorems; a better mathematician is one who can see analogies between proofs and the best mathematician can notice analogies between theories. One can imagine that the ultimate mathematician is one who can see analogies between analogies.“

—  Stefan Banach Polish &Ukrainian mathematician 1892 - 1945

[Beata Randrianantoanina, Narcisse Randrianantoanina, Banach Spaces and Their Applications in Analysis: Proceedings of the International Conference at Miami University, May 22-27, 2006, in Honor of Nigel Kalton's 60th Birthday, http://books.google.com/books?id=1GiwqU-gB_kC&pg=PR5, 2007, Walter de Gruyter, 978-3-11-019449-4, 5]

Vladimir Nabokov photo
Carl Sandburg photo

„I believe in everything — I am only looking for proofs.“

—  Carl Sandburg American writer and editor 1878 - 1967

Incidentals (1904); this is sometimes paraphrased: "I am an idealist. I believe in everything — I am only looking for proofs."
Contexto: Back of every mistaken venture and defeat is the laughter of wisdom, if you listen. Every blunder behind us is giving a cheer for us, and only for those who were willing to fail are the dangers and splendors of life. To be a good loser is to learn how to win. I was sure there are ten men in me and I do not know or understand one of them. I could safely declare, I am an idealist. A Parisian cynic says "I believe in nothing. I am looking for clues." My statement would be : I believe in everything — I am only looking for proofs.

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„I look at Death Proof and realize I had too much time.“

—  Quentin Tarantino American film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor 1963


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„Should a person lay claim to a cause and produce his proofs, then those who seek to repudiate him are required to produce proofs like unto his.“

—  Báb Iranian prophet; founder of the religion Bábism; venerated in the Bahá'í Faith 1819 - 1850

XVII, 11
The Kitáb-I-Asmá
Contexto: Should a person lay claim to a cause and produce his proofs, then those who seek to repudiate him are required to produce proofs like unto his. If they succeed in doing so, his words will prove vain and they will prevail; otherwise neither his words will cease nor the proofs he hath set forth will become void. I admonish you, O ye who are invested with the Bayán, if ye would fain assert your ascendancy, confront not any soul unless ye give proofs similar to that which he hath adduced; for Truth shall be firmly established, while aught else besides it is sure to perish.

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