„The surrender that was to culminate in Munich had begun.“

—  William L. Shirer, livro The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1960)

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William L. Shirer photo
William L. Shirer
1904 - 1993

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Neville Chamberlain photo
Gerald Ford photo

„America needed recovery, not revenge. The hate had to be drained and the healing begun.“

—  Gerald Ford American politician, 38th President of the United States (in office from 1974 to 1977) 1913 - 2006

On pardoning Nixon, in A Time to Heal (1979)

Anthony Eden photo

„Never had so much been surrendered by so many to so few.“

—  Anthony Eden British Conservative politician, prime minister 1897 - 1977

4 Jan 1941 https://winstonchurchill.org/publications/finest-hour/finest-hour-128/churchill-and-the-western-desert-campaign-1940-43/, after Operation Compass and the Italian surrender at Bardia in the Western Desert.
Quoted in B. H. Liddell Hart's A History of the Second World War (Cassell, 1970), p. 117

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James Russell Lowell photo

„The snow had begun in the gloaming,
And busily all the night
Had been heaping field and highway
With a silence deep and white.“

—  James Russell Lowell American poet, critic, editor, and diplomat 1819 - 1891

The First Snowfall http://www.bartleby.com/248/351.html, st. 1 (1849)

Cardinal Richelieu photo

„Had Luther and Calvin been confined before they had begun to dogmatize, the states would have been spared many troubles.“

—  Cardinal Richelieu French clergyman, noble and statesman 1585 - 1642

As quoted in The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), edited by Charles George Herbermann

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Carlos Ruiz Zafón photo
Maya Angelou photo

„At fifteen life had taught me undeniably that surrender, in its place, was as honorable as resistance, especially if one had no choice.“

—  Maya Angelou, livro I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Fonte: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1969), p. 212. ISBN 978-0-375-50789-2

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Heinrich Schenker photo
August Macke photo

„I have been in Munich this week, and got to know the whole 'Neue Künstlervereinigung' at [gallery] Tannhauser's – Jawlensky, Kandinsky etc... For Munich they are very, very good, I was interested.“

—  August Macke German painter of the expressionist group Der Blaue Reiter 1887 - 1914

Quote in Macke's letter to Franz Marc, September 1910; as quoted by de:Wolf-Dieter Dube, in Expressionism; Praeger Publishers, New York, 1973, p. 137

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Emily Dickinson photo
Fritz von Uhde photo

„Before commencing this work I had begun to realize how children follow the Spirit.“

—  Fritz von Uhde German artist 1848 - 1911

In reference to his perceptions on the work Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me. As quoted by Gustav Stickley (1911). The Craftsman http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi-bin/DLDecArts/DLDecArts-idx?type=article&did=DLDecArts.hdv20n06.i0027&id=DLDecArts.hdv20n06&isize=text, Volume 20. United Crafts, p. 631

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Jonathan King photo

„You see a long time ago life had begun
Everyone went to the sun“

—  Jonathan King English singer, songwriter, impresario, record producer and film director 1944

Song: Everyone's gone to the Moon

„He wrote his mother that he had begun to hate the sight of his typewriter.“

—  William McKeen American academic 1954

Fonte: Outlaw Journalist (2008), Chapter 9, Epiphany, p. 131