„Given the results of the government's War on Poverty and the War on Drugs, we can assume that a War on Abortion will lead within five years to men having abortions.“

" The Libertarian stand on abortion http://www.harrybrowne.org/articles/Abortion.htm.

Harry Browne photo
Harry Browne18
American politician and writer 1933 - 2006

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„I think that I have now said enough about the war, which is past now for over twenty-five years. I bow in reverence before the memory of the men who lost their lives in this war on both sides, and I think that we all hope that we never shall have such a war again.“

—  Karl Dönitz President of Germany; admiral in command of German submarine forces during World War II 1891 - 1980

The World at War: the Landmark Oral History from the Classic TV Series (2007) by Richard Holmes, Page 634.

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„More people die every year as a result of the war against drugs than die from what we call, generically, overdosing.“

—  William F. Buckley Jr. American conservative author and commentator 1925 - 2008

The War On Drugs Is Lost (1995)
Contexto: More people die every year as a result of the war against drugs than die from what we call, generically, overdosing. These fatalities include, perhaps most prominently, drug merchants who compete for commercial territory, but include also people who are robbed and killed by those desperate for money to buy the drug to which they have become addicted.
This is perhaps the moment to note that the pharmaceutical cost of cocaine and heroin is approximately 2 per cent of the street price of those drugs. Since a cocaine addict can spend as much as $1,000 per week to sustain his habit, he would need to come up with that $1,000. The approximate fencing cost of stolen goods is 80 per cent, so that to come up with $1,000 can require stealing $5,000 worth of jewels, cars, whatever. We can see that at free-market rates, $20 per week would provide the addict with the cocaine which, in this wartime drug situation, requires of him $1,000.

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„War is not included in the Second Five-Year Plan.“

—  Vasily Blyukher Soviet military commander 1889 - 1938

Blyukher at the XVII Congress of the CPSU(b), 8 February 1934 http://www.hrono.ru/vkpb_17/25_5.html

„The War on Drugs is over. Drugs won.“

—  L. Neil Smith American writer 1946

"The Brontosaurus in the Broom Closet".
Contexto: The War on Drugs is over. Drugs won. It's time to stop wasting money, destroying lives, grinding up the Bill of Rights, and giving greater and greater power to the jackbooted thugs, in an unnecessary and futile attempt to enforce one group's ideas about what chemicals and vegetables some other group ought to manufacture, cultivate, distribute, purchase, possess, and consume. Repeal the drug laws, and prices will drop a thousandfold, driving most participants out of the business.

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„Five years—if we can just get people to be nice to their babies for five years straight, that would be it for war, drug abuse, addiction, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases; almost all would be completely eliminated because they all arise from dysfunctional early childhood experiences, which are all run by women.“

—  Stefan Molyneux libertarian philosopher, writer, speaker, and online broadcaster 1966

Speech at International Conference on Men's Issues, St. Clair Shores, Michigan, June 28, 2014, quoted in "What I Learned as a Woman at a Men's-Rights Conference" https://time.com/2949435/what-i-learned-as-a-woman-at-a-mens-rights-conference/, Time (July 2, 2014)

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„If you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. That's literally true.“

—  Milton Friedman American economist, statistician, and writer 1912 - 2006

One role of prohibition is in making the drug market more lucrative.
America's Drug Forum interview (1991)

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„The War on Drugs has continued for some 20 years, and we see little prospect of peace, despite the fact that it has totally failed and given the US an imprisonment rate almost equal to Russia.“

—  Richard Stallman American software freedom activist, short story writer and computer programmer, founder of the GNU project 1953

Contexto: The War on Drugs has continued for some 20 years, and we see little prospect of peace, despite the fact that it has totally failed and given the US an imprisonment rate almost equal to Russia. I fear that the War on Copying could go on for decades as well. To end it, we will need to rethink the copyright system, based on the Constitution's view that it is meant to benefit the public, not the copyright owners. Today, one of the benefits the public wants is the use of computers to share copies.

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„War is very uncertain in its results, and often when affairs look most desperate they suddenly assume a more hopeful state.“

—  George Meade Union Army general 1815 - 1872

Letter to his wife Margaretta (11 June 1863); published in The Life and Letters of George Gordon Meade (1913)

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„Watch every tendency towards militarism, for we know that preparation for war leads to war.“

—  William Mulock Canadian politician, judge, academic administrator 1843 - 1944

Opening the Canadian National Exhibition, The Globe, 29 August 1906, page 1.

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„Fundamentally, Britain is responsible for the war. She was jealous. British business men wanted this war. It is a British business war. … We have no dislike for France, nor Russia. We think highly of the French. But Britain! We hate Britain!“

—  Paul von Hindenburg Prussian-German field marshal, statesman, and president of Germany 1847 - 1934

Interview with Senator Beveridge (March 1915), Paul Dehn, Hindenburg, als Erzieher (1918), p. 43, quoted in W. W. Coole (ed.), Thus Spake Germany (London: George Routledge & Sons, 1941), p. 174
Supreme Commander of All German Forces in the East

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“