„As our young master paced the terrace alone, that idea of the necessity of the Creator's being incomprehensible to the created, recurred to him. The hour that succeeded was probably the most important in Roswell Gardiners life. So intense were his feelings, so active the workings of his mind, that he was quite insensible to the intensity of the cold; and his body keeping equal motion with his thoughts, if one may so express it, his frame actually set at defiance a temperature that might otherwise have chilled it, warmly and carefully as it was clad.“

The Sea Lions or The Lost Sealers (1849)

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„Why feel I so for him, whether he master his toils, or whether he fall?“

—  Gaius Valerius Flaccus, livro Argonautica

Original: (la) Quid me autem sic ille movet, superetne labores
an cadat?
Fonte: Argonautica, Book VII, Lines 131–132

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