„Sure, I get angry. I get very, very angry and indignant. I don't like being locked up for something I didn't do, and I don't like my liberty taken away, and I don't like being treated like an animal, and I don't like people walking around and ogling me like I'm some sort of weirdo, because I'm not.“

Ted Bundy photo
Ted Bundy
Personalidade Psicopata 1946 - 1989

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„I don't think I'm very much like anyone else, really. I'm sure there are aspects of other actors that I share, but I don't see anybody else and go, "Damn, they stole my thing." I'm me, and I like that there are people who have an appreciation for that.“

— Zooey Deschanel American actress, musician, and singer-songwriter 1980
As quoted in " From A to Zooey http://www.fedge.net/~zdeschanel/articles/bostonglobe-2-23-03.html" in The Boston Globe (23 February 2003).

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„I don't think much of most of the films I made, but being a movie star was something I liked very much.“

— Joan Bennett American actress 1910 - 1990
Flint, Peter B. (December 9, 1990). " Joan Bennett, Whose Roles Ripened From Sweet to Siren, Dies at 80 https://www.nytimes.com/1990/12/09/obituaries/joan-bennett-whose-roles-ripened-from-sweet-to-siren-dies-at-80.html". The New York Times.

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„The underground press was convinced that I was a junkie, an acid head. … But I don't do drugs. I don't like being fucked up. I've got enough bizarre chemicals floating around in my head. I'm just naturally like this.“

— Terry Gilliam American-born British screenwriter, film director, animator, actor and member of the Monty Python comedy troupe 1940
As quoted in Dreams: Gilliam interview by LegitCrit (May 1998) http://www.smart.co.uk/dreams/tglegit.htm

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