„Both Hitler and Mussolini have plagiarized and imitated practically everything from everyone. Mussolini stole from the Bolsheviks and from Gabriele D'Annunzio, and found inspiration in the camp of big business. Hitler imitated the Bolsheviks and Mussolini.“

—  Leon Trotsky, livro Stalin, Stalin: An Appraisal of the Man and his Influence (1941), translated by Charles Malamuth, p. 412
Leon Trotsky photo
Leon Trotsky13
marxista revolucionário russo 1879 - 1940

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„In no way was Hitler the tool of big business. He was its lenient master. So was Mussolini except that he was weaker.“

—  Norman Thomas American Presbyterian minister and socialist 1884 - 1968
A Socialist’s Faith, W. W. Norton, 1951, p. 53. Former presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America.

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„Prosperity may be found in small as in big business.“

—  Isaac Leib Peretz Yiddish language author and playwright 1852 - 1915
Fir Dores Fir Tzavoes, 1901. Alle Verk, iv. 237.

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„When I went to business school, they said, "Focus on your shareholder, Marc. The business of business is business." That no longer applies. We have to erase that from our history books. The business of business is improving the state of the world.“

—  Marc Benioff American businessman 1964
CNBC: Marc Benioff: We bought Time Magazine because 'business is the greatest platform for change' https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/25/benioff-bought-time-because-business-is-greatest-platform-for-change.html (25 September 2018)

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