„Evolutionary game theory is one of the most active and rapidly growing areas of research in economics. Unlike traditional game theory models, which assume that all players are fully rational and have complete knowledge of details of the game, evolutionary models assume that people choose their strategies through a trial-and-error learning process in which they gradually discover that some strategies work better than others. In games that are repeated many times, low-payoff strategies tend to be weeded out, and an equilibrium may emerge.“

Larry Samuelson. Evolutionary Games and Equilibrium Selection. 1997. Overview.

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Larry Samuelson2
American economist 1953

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„Note the situation is different when the player is permitted to vary his stakes. In this case there exist advantageous strategies, and the game depends on the strategy.“

—  William Feller Croatian-American mathematician 1906 - 1970

Fonte: An Introduction To Probability Theory And Its Applications (Third Edition), Chapter VIII, Unlimited Sequences Of Bernoulli Trials, p. 200

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John Maynard Smith photo
John Maynard Smith photo
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„Economic theory in general ignores processes which take time to occur, and instead assumes that everything occurs in equilibrium.“

—  Steve Keen Australian economist 1953

Fonte: Debunking Economics - The Naked Emperor Of The Social Sciences (2001), Chapter 8, Let's Do The Time Warp Again, p. 166

„An equilibrium is not always an optimum; it might not even be good. This may be the most important discovery of game theory.“

—  Ivar Ekeland French mathematician 1944

Fonte: The Best of All Possible Worlds (2006), Chapter 7, May The Best One Win, p. 141.

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„He sees the game unlike any other player.“

—  Paul Scholes English footballer 1974

Terry Venables

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„A proven theorem of game theory states that every game with complete information possesses a saddle point and therefore a solution.“

—  Richard Arnold Epstein American physicist 1927

Fonte: The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic (Revised Edition) 1977, Chapter Two, Mathematical Preliminaries, p. 36

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