„Those who spend too fast never grow rich.“

—  Honoré De Balzac, La Maison du Chat-qui-pelote http://fr.wikisource.org/wiki/La_Maison_du_chat-qui-pelote [At the Sign of the Cat and Racket] (1830), translated by Clara Bell
Honoré De Balzac photo
Honoré De Balzac224
1799 - 1850

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Wallis, Duchess of Windsor photo

„You can never be too rich or too thin.“

—  Wallis, Duchess of Windsor wife of Edward VIII of the United Kingdom 1896 - 1986
"Windsor, Duchess of" The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. Ed. Elizabeth Knowles. Oxford University Press, 2004. Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press. Accessed on 21 November 2008 http://www.oxfordreference.com/views/ENTRY.html?subview=Main&entry=t115.e3226

George Savile, 1st Marquess of Halifax photo
Francis Bacon photo

„Riches are for spending.“

—  Francis Bacon English philosopher, statesman, scientist, jurist, and author 1561 - 1626
Of Expense

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Alex Salmond photo

„Like many servicemen, my father never spoke too much about the war when I was growing up. However we all are proud of him as are all families of those who served.“

—  Alex Salmond Scottish National Party politician and former First Minister of Scotland 1954
[Alex Salmond's father at HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier ceremony http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-28158107] ' (4 July 2014)

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Philip Sidney photo

„And thou my minde aspire to higher things;
Grow rich in that which never taketh rust.“

—  Philip Sidney English diplomat 1554 - 1586
Sidney, Sonnet. Leave me, O Love. Quote reported in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 419-23.

William Dean Howells photo

„The wrecks of slavery are fast growing a fungus crop of sentiment.“

—  William Dean Howells author, critic and playwright from the United States 1837 - 1920
Their Wedding Journey http://www.gutenberg.org/files/3365/3365.txt (1872)

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