„If we now reintroduce the conception of the complex organization as an open system subject to criteria of rationality, we are in a position to speculate about some dynamic properties of organizations.“

—  James D. Thompson, p. 11
James D. Thompson11
American sociologist 1920 - 1973

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„Every isolated determinate dynamic system, obeying unchanging laws, will ultimately develop some sort of organisms that are adapted to their environments.“

—  W. Ross Ashby British psychiatrist 1903 - 1972
Ashby (1962), quoted in: V. Lawrence Parsegian (1972) This cybernetic world of men, machines, and earth systems'. p. 178: About the principle of

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„We are confronted with problems of organized complexity... organization runs through all levels of reality and science.“

—  Ludwig von Bertalanffy austrian biologist and philosopher 1901 - 1972
p. 58. as cited in: Doede Keuning (1973) Algemene systeemtheorie. p. 185

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„The notion of system we are interested in may be described generally as a complex of elements or components directly or indirectly related in a network of interrelationships of various kinds, such that it constitutes a dynamic whole with emergent properties.“

—  Walter F. Buckley American sociologist 1922 - 2006
p. 35 as cited in: (2006) A Typology of Emergence in Social Systems and Sociocybernetic Theory http://www.unizar.es/sociocybernetics/congresos/DURBAN/papers/bailey.pdf.

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