„The laws of economics are subject to the laws of physics. The physical processes that govern this planet and the continued life upon it place as stringent an upper limit on economic growth as the speed of light does on our knowledge of the universe.“

—  Ian McDonald, Ch. 9 (p. 93).

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„It would be a triumph to find universal laws of organization for life, ecosystems, and biospheres. The candidate criticality law is emergent and not reducible to physics alone.“

—  Stuart Kauffman American biophysicist 1939
Stuart A. Kauffman (2010) Reinventing the Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion. p.40

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„Hacking is the clever circumvention of imposed limits, whether imposed by your government, your IP server, your own personality, or the laws of physics.“

—  Jude Milhon American hacker & author 1939 - 2003
The Joy of Hacker Sex http://www.dvara.net/hk/jude/TheJoyEn.html


„Economics is a social science, not a physical science.“

—  Jim Stanford Canadian economist 1961
Part 1, Chapter 1, The Economy and Economics, p. 23

„Going to the moon is not a matter of physics but of economics.“

—  John R. Platt American physicist 1918 - 1992
John R. Platt (1958) Technocracy digest No 170-182, cited in: Lawrence R. Samuel (2009) Future: A Recent History. University of Texas Press. p. 92

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