„My fantasies have never been safe ones.“

—  Laura Antoniou, "Unsafe at Any Speed or: Safe, Sane and Consensual, My Fanny", p. 12
Laura Antoniou photo
Laura Antoniou9
American novelist 1963

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„Motor racing can never be totally safe and it never should be in my opinion. But thank God it's a lot safer now.“

—  Murray Walker Motorsport commentator and journalist 1923
Interviews, The Gold Coast Bulletin staff (October 26, 2002) "Weekender", The Gold Coast Bulletin, p. W09.

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„No, absolutely not, I have never been what one calls a gifted child, never a dreamer. I didn't think of making fantasies with the pencil on the paper, although at school we learned to draw and play music of course. But in those days the piano was actually what I preferred most... But until my eighteenth year I have been hesitating long between both [painting and playing piano]..“

—  Suze Robertson Dutch painter 1855 - 1922
1900 - 1922, version in original Dutch / origineel citaat van Suze Robertson: Nee, ik ben volstrekt nooit wat men noemt een begaafd kind geweest, nooit een droomster. Aan fantasie met 't potlood op 't papier dacht ik niet, al leerden we op school natuurlijk ook teekenen en muziek. Maar in dien tijd was de piano eigenlijk meer mijn fort.. .Toch heb ik tot mijn achttiende jaar tussen die beide lang gewankeld. p. 30

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„I just sat there thunderstruck. I realized that's exactly what I had been doing for over a decade with my story. I was writing heroic fantasy, while at the same time I was satirizing heroic fantasy.“

—  Patrick Rothfuss American fantasy writer 1973
Context: Anyway, I was listening to Beagle answer a question on the panel, he said something along the lines of, "I'd never want to write The Last Unicorn again. It was excruciatingly hard, because I was writing a faerie tale while at the same time writing a spoof of a faerie tale." I just sat there thunderstruck. I realized that's exactly what I had been doing for over a decade with my story. I was writing heroic fantasy, while at the same time I was satirizing heroic fantasy. While telling his story, Kvothe makes it clear that he's not the storybook hero legends make him out to be. But at the same time, the reader sees that he's a hero nonetheless. He's just a hero of a different sort. Interview with Fantasy Book Critic (25 May 2007)

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„Nothing matters if we aren't safe… The world has never been more dangerous than it is today.“

—  Marco Rubio U.S. Senator from state of Florida, United States; politician 1971
2010s, 2015, As quoted in "America's Next Top Fearmonger: The presidential candidates compete to scare the daylights out of the U.S. public." http://nationalinterest.org/feature/america%E2%80%99s-next-top-fearmonger-12954 (22 May 2015), by Robert Golan-Vilella, National Interest.

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„Richard Nixon has never been one of my favorite people anyway.“

—  Hunter S. Thompson American journalist and author 1937 - 2005
1960s, Context: Richard Nixon has never been one of my favorite people anyway. For years I've regarded his existence as a monument to all the rancid genes and broken chromosomes that corrupt the possibilities of the American Dream; he was a foul caricature of himself, a man with no soul, no inner convictions, with the integrity of a hyena and the style of a poison toad. The Nixon I remembered was absolutely humorless; I couldn't imagine him laughing at anything except maybe a paraplegic who wanted to vote Democratic but couldn't quite reach the lever on the voting machine. Pageant (July 1968)

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„Marxism has been the greatest fantasy of our century.“

—  Leszek Kolakowski Philosopher, historian of ideas 1927 - 2009
Main Currents Of Marxism (1978), Context: Marxism has been the greatest fantasy of our century. It was a dream offering the prospect of a society of perfect unity, in which all human aspirations would be fulfilled and all values reconciled. Epilogue, p. 1206

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„My children have never brought any shame upon their father. They have been independent children, my children.“

—  Halldór Laxness Icelandic author 1902 - 1998
Sjálfstætt fólk (Independent People) (1935), Book Two, Part II: Years of Prosperity, Bjartur

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Scott Adams photo

„All my life, I thought I was a Conservative. Now I know that I have never been one. The scales have dropped from my eyes.“

—  Keith Joseph British barrister and politician 1918 - 1994
1990s, Obituary http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/obituary-lord-joseph-1387217.html, The Independent, Monday 12 December 1994.

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„With the way that the times are, we're all looking for a little fantasy… Fantasy is such an important part of my fashion…“

—  Anna Sui American fashion designer 1964
via Now Smell This. Anna Sui Secret Wish, Summer by Kenzo, Z Zegna & more new fragrances. Pennsylvania (March 29, 2005). http://www.nstperfume.com/2005/03/29/anna-sui-secret-wish-summer-by-kenzo-z-zegna-more-new-fragrances/

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