„As you [Tono] has written, people say that my works are 'neutral'. But if you paint something, it is 'something', and it cannot be neutral. Being neutral is a mere expression of a form of intention.“

—  Jasper Johns, Quote from: Jasper Johns in Tokyo, Yoshiaki Tono, Tokyo August 1964, as cited in Jasper Johns, Writings, sketchbook Notes, Interviews, ed. Kirk Varnedoe, Moma New York, 1996, p. 101

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Christopher Hitchens photo
William O. Douglas photo

„The Constitution is not neutral. It was designed to take the government off the backs of people.“

—  William O. Douglas Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1898 - 1980
The Court years, 1939-1975: The Autobiography of William O. Douglas‎ (1980), p. 8

Orson Scott Card photo

„I’m neutral on lying, seeing as how there’s times when the truth just hurts people.“

—  Orson Scott Card American science fiction novelist 1951
Chapter 2 “Squirrel and Moose” (p. 21).

PZ Myers photo

„I didn't become a scientist because I want to impress lawyers. The word for people who are neutral about truth is "liars".“

—  PZ Myers American scientist and associate professor of biology 1957
Context: I have been told that my position won't win the creationist court cases. Do you think I care? I didn't become a scientist because I want to impress lawyers. The word for people who are neutral about truth is "liars". at Council for Secular Humanism, October 9, 2010.

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Vincent Van Gogh photo

„And my intention is to try to form a collection of many such things, which would not be quite unworthy of the title 'heads of the people.' By working hard, boy, I hope to succeed in making something good. It isn't there yet, but I aim at it, and struggle for it. I want something serious, - some thing fresh - something with soul in it! Forward - forward“

—  Vincent Van Gogh Dutch post-Impressionist painter (1853-1890) 1853 - 1890
quote in his letter to brother Theo, from The Hague, The Netherlands, 3 Jan. 1883; as quoted in Vincent van Gogh, edited by Alfred H. Barr; Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1935 https://www.moma.org/documents/moma_catalogue_1996_300061887.pdf, (letter 257), pp. 20-21

Asger Jorn photo

„If you add something to a painting, never let it be for aesthetic reasons. Only let it be for reasons of expression.“

—  Asger Jorn Danish artist 1914 - 1973
Statement to his friend Pierre Alechinsky, between 1965-1970; as quoted in Asger Jorn (2002) by Arken Museum of Modern Art, p. 115

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