„When my soul was in the lost and found,
You came along to claim it.
I didn't know just what was wrong with me
Till your kiss helped me name it.
Now I'm no longer doubtful of what I'm living for,
Cause if I make you happy I don't need to do more.“

—  Carole King, livro A Natural Woman

(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (1967), Co-written with Gerry Goffin and Jerry Wexler, first recorded by Aretha Franklin
Song lyrics, Singles

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Carole King
cantora e compositora dos Estados Unidos 1942

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„Honey you came along and captured my heart
Now my love is somewhere lost in your kiss
When I'm all alone it's you that I miss
Girl, a love like yours is hard to resist.“

—  Lionel Richie American singer-songwriter, musician, record producer and actor 1949

Penny Lover, co-written with Brenda Harvey Richie.
Song lyrics, Can't Slow Down (1983)

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„My dear soul, I can stand on my own feet, but so poorly that I don't know if my head is on my shoulders. I have no appetite or desire to do anything at all. Only your letters cheer me up – only yours. I don't know what will become of me now that I have lost sight of you; I who idolize you have given up hope that you'll ever glance at these blurred lines and get consolation from them.“

—  Francisco De Goya Spanish painter and printmaker (1746–1828) 1746 - 1828

letter to his friend Martín Zapater https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q3915977 and https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bestand:Francisco_de_Goya_-_Portrait_of_Mart%C3%ADn_Zapater_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg, March 1793; from: 'Francisco de Goya. MS Letters to Martín Zapater 1774-99', Collection of Prado - published as Cartas a Martín Zapater; ed, X. de Salas & M. Agueda, Madrid 1982, p. 211; as quoted by Robert Hughes, in: Goya. Borzoi Book - Alfred Knopf, New York, 2003, p. 127
Goya started to become deaf then, had fainting fits and spells of semi-blindness. From 1793 onward [he was 46] he became functionally deaf, till his death

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„Hug me till you drug me, honey;
Kiss me till I'm in a coma.“

—  Aldous Huxley English writer 1894 - 1963

Fonte: Brave New World / Brave New World Revisited

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