„You have been allowing challenges to destroy you instead of you to destroy challenges. When challenges come – my God has the final say, not my ability or knowledge.“

On handling challenges - "TB Joshua Lambasts Money-Hungry Pastors, Politicians" http://vibeghana.com/2015/01/20/t-b-joshua-lambasts-money-hungry-pastors-politicians/ Vibe Ghana (January 20 2015)

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T. B. Joshua68
Nigerian Christian leader 1963

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„Don’t ever be lazy enough, defeatist enough, cowardly enough to say “I don't understand it so it must be a miracle - it must be supernatural - God did it”. Say instead, that it’s a puzzle, it’s strange, it’s a challenge that we should rise to. Whether we rise to the challenge by questioning the truth of the observation, or by expanding our science in new and exciting directions - the proper and brave response to any such challenge is to tackle it head-on. And until we've found a proper answer to the mystery, it's perfectly ok simply to say “this is something we don't yet understand - but we're working on it.”“

—  Richard Dawkins, livro The Magic of Reality

It's the only honest thing to do. Miracles, magic and myths, they can be fun. Everybody likes a good story. Myths are fun, as long as you don't confuse them with the truth. The real truth has a magic of its own. The truth is more magical, in the best and most exciting sense of the word, than any myth or made-up mystery or miracle. Science has its own magic - the magic of reality.
Duke University, 01/03/2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYcOoqxuroI&t=54m51s
The Magic Of Reality (2012)

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„I stand forth to challenge the wisdom of the world; to interrogate the "laws" of man and of "God"!“

—  Anton LaVey, livro The Satanic Bible

Book I, Section I
The Satanic Bible (1969)
Contexto: In this arid wilderness of steel and stone I raise up my voice that you may hear. To the East and to the West I beckon. To the North and to the South I show a sign proclaiming: Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong!
Open your eyes that you may see, Oh men of mildewed minds, and listen to me ye bewildered millions!
For I stand forth to challenge the wisdom of the world; to interrogate the "laws" of man and of "God"!
I request reason for your golden rule and ask the why and wherefore of your ten commandments.
Before none of your printed idols do I bend in acquiescence, and he who saith "thou shalt" to me is my mortal foe!
I dip my forefinger in the watery blood of your impotent mad redeemer, and write over his thorn-torn brow: The TRUE prince of evil — the king of slaves!
No hoary falsehood shall be a truth to me; no stifling dogma shall encramp my pen!
I break away from all conventions that do not lead to my earthly success and happiness.
I raise up in stern invasion the standard of the strong!
I gaze into the glassy eye of your fearsome Jehovah, and pluck him by the beard; I uplift a broad-axe, and split open his worm-eaten skull!
I blast out the ghastly contents of philosophically whited sepulchers and laugh with sardonic wrath!

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„If you are with God in truth and faith, whatever comes as a blessing or trial will be what God allows. If you are called by God, from beginning to the end, your journey has been documented. Nothing outside your documentary will happen without God’s knowledge.“

—  T. B. Joshua Nigerian Christian leader 1963

Answering a question on challenges via Facebook - "TB Joshua Answers Questions On Marriage, Deliverance And Anointing Through Facebook" http://www.nigeriadailynews.news/news/89320-t-b-joshua-answers-questions-on-marriage-deliverance-anointing-through-facebook.html Nigeria Daily News (January 13 2014)

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