„It's the religious aspects in which I feel most at home, in a way. No, I don't really feel at home in India anymore. I'm not physically comfortable in India most of the time-I like Chicago, I like snow. It's an irony that I should be an Indologist because I don't like hot climates. I don't like crowds. There are too many things about India that don't suit my physical makeup. And also, I hardly ever go to Bengal, so I don't have a language[ to speak. So I go as a visitor. I visit friends. To some extent, ironically, I'm more at home in India now because there are fabulous hotels with good food and people speaking English, it's like being in New York, but if I go to a village I can't talk to people. I don't know if I ever really was at home in India, but I love being there.“

About her comfort level staying in India.
Q&A with Wendy Doniger, the Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor and author of The Hindus

Wendy Doniger photo
Wendy Doniger25
American Indologist 1940

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„I think I'm still clean living, you know? That's something, when I—I don't go home and have orgies or anything like that. I'm still the same person that I've always been. So….“

—  Britney Spears American singer, dancer and actress 1981

CNN interview with Tucker Carlson http://www.cnn.com/2003/SHOWBIZ/Music/09/03/cnna.spears/ (3 September 2003)

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„Pull up the shades so I can see New York. I don't want to go home in the dark.“

—  O. Henry American short story writer 1862 - 1910

Last words, quoting a 1907 song by Harry Williams. (5 June 1910) Quoted in O. Henry Biography, ch. 9, Charles Alphonso Smith (1916).
Variante: Turn up the lights — I don't want to go home in the dark.

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„I'm growing old and I wanna go home.
I'm growing old and I don't wanna know.“

—  Nick Drake British singer-songwriter 1948 - 1974

Black Eyed Dog, first appeared on Fruit Tree (1979)
Song lyrics

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„I don't like to discuss my marriage, but I will tell you something which may sound corny but which happens to be true. I have steak at home. Why should I go out for hamburger?“

—  Paul Newman American actor and film director 1925 - 2008

Quoted in Paul and Joanne: A Biography of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward by Joe Morella and Edward Z. Epstein (1988), p. 157

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„I'm going to stop squandering money for things I don't want. I'm going to stop accepting invitations, and meeting people I don't like and don't want to know.“

—  Upton Sinclair American novelist, writer, journalist, political activist 1878 - 1968

Metropolis (1908)
Contexto: I'm going to stop squandering money for things I don't want. I'm going to stop accepting invitations, and meeting people I don't like and don't want to know. I've tried your game — I've tried it hard, and I don't like it; and I'm going to get out before it's too late. I'm going to find some decent and simple place to live in; and I'm going down town to find out if there isn't some way in New York for a man to earn an honest living!

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„I feel like I'm really just getting started. I don't know what's going to happen in the next five or ten years.“

—  Aaliyah American singer, actress and model 1979 - 2001

Said to Honey magazine, as claimed in Aaliyah: More Than a Woman, p. 178.

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„You don't want to fight the enemy anymore?"
"I don't want to fight anyone. I have no enemies. I want to go home.“

—  Ágota Kristóf, The Notebook, The Proof, The Third Lie: Three Novels

Fonte: The Notebook, The Proof, The Third Lie: Three Novels

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“