„It was fate, and being angry at fate was as futile as being angry at the weather.“

—  Ian McDonald, Chapter 23 (p. 116).

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„A fate is not a punishment.“

—  Albert Camus French author and journalist 1913 - 1960

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„The artist lives only day by day, and is the recipient of the things that surround him; he transposes sensations from outside, according to what the fate reserves him, but transforms them relentlessly and tenaciously, in a manner determined by him alone.“

—  Odilon Redon French painter 1840 - 1916
in Confidences of an artist (1894) published posthumously in Paris in 1922 as part of the book of memoirs To himself; as quoted by Paul Westheim in Confessions of Artists - Letters, Memoirs and Observations of Contemporary Artists, Propyläen Publishing House, Berlin, 1925: p. 82

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