„Libertarianism is rejected by the modern left — which preaches individualism but practices collectivism. Capitalism is rejected by the modern right-which preaches enterprise but practices protectionism.“

— Karl Hess, “The Death of Politics”, Playboy (March, 1969).

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Karl Hess
1923 - 1994

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„Practice has a logic which is not that of the logician.“

— Pierre Bourdieu French sociologist, anthropologist, and philosopher 1930 - 2002
(1990), The Logic of Practice. p. 86

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„We practically wiped this nation clean of Marxists.“

— Augusto Pinochet Former dictator of the republic of Chile 1915 - 2006
Speech (February 23, 1988), quoted in "Las frases para el bronce de Pinochet."

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