„I got sick and tired of all that Purity! Wanted to tell stories.. [Guston's quote in 1967, referring to his swift from Abstract expressionism to figurative painting]“

Abstract Expressionism, David Anfam, Thames and Hudson Ltd London, 1990, p. 207
1961 - 1980

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Philip Guston photo
Philip Guston
1913 - 1980

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Phillip Guston photo
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Pietro Badoglio photo

„Quoted in "Badoglio"‎ - Page 148 - by Silvio Bertoldi - 1967“

—  Pietro Badoglio Italian general during both World Wars and a Prime Minister of Italy 1871 - 1956

C'è un veleno che corrode le dittature: l'incenso. La rovina delle dittature sono i ras osannanti.

Frank Stella photo
Frank Stella photo

„[to see the painting].. as an object, as a real thing in itself. (quote on his Flag-paintings)“

—  Jasper Johns American artist 1930

Quote from: Abstract Art, Anna Moszynska, Thames and Hudson 1990, p. 200

Frank Stella photo
Ellsworth Kelly photo
Frank Stella photo
Eugène Delacroix photo

„I have started work on a modern subject, a scene on the barricades… I may not have fought for my country but at least I shall have painted for her.. [quote is referring to his famous painting 'Liberty Leading the People', 1830]“

—  Eugène Delacroix French painter 1798 - 1863

Quote in an unpublished letter to Delacroix' brother, 18 October 1830, but mentioned by M. Sérullaz; as quoted in Eugene Delacroix – selected letters 1813 – 1863, ed. and translation Jean Stewart, art Works MFA publications, Museum of Fine Art Boston, 2001, p. 13
1815 - 1830

Gerhard Richter photo
Yves Klein photo

„I am against the line and all its consequences: contours, forms, composition. All paintings of whatever sort, figuratives or abstract, seem to me like prison windows in which the lines, precisely are the bars.“

—  Yves Klein French artist 1928 - 1962

Gilbert Perlein and Bruno Cora, Yves Klein: Long live the Immaterial, Delano Greenidge Edition, New York, 2001. p. 74
from posthumous publications

Robert Delaunay photo
Theo van Doesburg photo

„We speak of concrete and not abstract painting because nothing is more concrete, more real than a line, a colour, a surface. [quote of Van Doesburg, c. 1925]“

—  Theo van Doesburg Dutch architect, painter, draughtsman and writer 1883 - 1931

quoted in 'Abstract Art', Anna Moszynska, Thames and Hudson 1990, p. 107
Hans Arp used some years earlier already this new term: 'concrete art' as a rejection of the term 'abstract art'
1920 – 1926

Maurice Denis photo

„Painting is first of all the art of imitation, and not the servant of some imaginary 'purity“

—  Maurice Denis French painter 1870 - 1943

as cited on Wikipedia: Maurice Denis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Denis - reference [42]
Nouvelles théories sur l'art moderne..., 1922

Jacoba van Heemskerck photo

„I got the idea to paint people, in the way I see them. From one face I take to my own idea some very characteristic features of it and then I make of the whole a picture in colors and lines, in the way how I meet that person. The whole thing becomes not at all a portrait in the usual sense... I have tried to make types, but will built in more and more personal qualities and all that kind of things... Everything will be figured out fully abstract of course, it is just a personal feeling and no system at all.“

—  Jacoba van Heemskerck Dutch painter 1876 - 1923

translation from German, Fons Heijnsbroek, 2018
(original version, written by Jacoba in German:) Meine Idee ist es die Menschen zu malen, wie ich sie sehe. Ich nehme aus einem Gesicht einige meiner Ansicht nach am meisten sprechende Züge und ich mache dann vom ganzen ein Bild in den Farben und Linien, wie die Person mir entgegentritt. Das Ganze ist gar kein Porträt im gewöhnlichen Sinne.. .Ich habe mich bemüht, jetz noch Typen zu machen und werde mehr und mehr persönliche Eigenschaften und alle mögliche hereinbringen.. .Alles muss man sich natürlich ganz abstrakt denken, es ist ein persönliches Gefühl und gar kein System.
in a letter to Herwarth Walden, 6 Feb. 1918; as cited by Arend H. Huussen Jr. in Jacoba van Heemskerck, kunstenares van het Expressionisme, Haags Gemeentemuseum The Hague, 1982, p. 20

Pierre-Auguste Renoir photo

„What seems most significant to me about our movement is that we have freed painting from the importance of the subject. I am at liberty to paint flowers and call them flowers, without their needing to tell a story.“

—  Pierre-Auguste Renoir French painter and sculptor 1841 - 1919

Quoted in: Charles Altieri (1989) Painterly Abstraction in Modernist American Poetry, p. 169: Talking about the movement of Impressionism.
undated quotes

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