„Being human is difficult. Some people make it more difficult than others. I was one of those people.“

— Lana Del Rey, Complex (24 January 2012)

Lana Del Rey photo
Lana Del Rey
cantora e compositora dos Estados Unidos 1985

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„There are plenty of people more «difficult» than me. “

— Alan Rickman English film, television and stage actor 1946 - 2016

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„It's not important to me to make other people at ease. I am difficult, but that's 'cause I don’t really give a fuck.“

— Amy Winehouse English singer and songwriter 1983 - 2011
Blender, Almost Famous: Amy Winehouse http://www.blender.com/guide/articles.aspx?ID=2565&src=cl44, April 2007

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„Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one“

— Bruce Lee Hong Kong-American actor, martial artist, philosopher and filmmaker 1940 - 1973

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