„Molecular biology has also shown that the basic design of the cell system is essentially the same in all living systems on earth from bacteria to mammals. In all organisms the roles of DNA, mRNA and protein are identical. The meaning of the genetic code is also virtually identical in all cells. The size, structure and component design of the protein synthetic machinery is practically the same in all cells. In terms of their basic biochemical design, therefore no living system can be thought of as being primitive or ancestral with respect to any other system, nor is there the slightest empirical hint of an evolutionary sequence among all the incredibly diverse cells on earth.“

—  Michael Denton, livro Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1986), p. 250

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„Development of an organism from a single germ cell into a multicellular entity is a self-organizing system from any point of view and I wish to contend that this self-organizing system is a subsystem of the self-organizing system called 'evolution.“

—  Gordon Pask British psychologist 1928 - 1996
An Approach to Cybernetics (1961), p. 103-104, partly cited in: Darren Tofts, Annemarie Jonson, Alessio Cavallaro (2004) Prefiguring Cyberculture: An Intellectual History.

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„When it comes to the design of social and societal systems of all kinds, it is the users, the people in the system who are the experts. Nobody has the right to design social systems for someone else. It is unethical to do so. Design cannot be legislated, it should not be bought from the expert, and it should not be copied from the design of others. If the privilege of and responsibility for design is "given away," others will take charge of designing our lives and our systems. They will shape our future.“

—  Béla H. Bánáthy Hungarian linguist and systems scientist 1919 - 2003
Designing Social Systems in a Changing World (1996), p. 128; Cited in: Roberto Joseph et al. (2002) " Banathy's Influence on the Guidance System for Transforming Education http://www.indiana.edu/~syschang/decatur/reigeluth_pubs/documents/95_banathy_influence_on_gste.pdf". World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution, 58(5/6) 379-394

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„Cells of all kinds share certain structural features.“

—  Albert L. Lehninger American biochemist 1917 - 1986
Principles of Biochemistry, Ch. 1 : The Foundations of Biochemistry

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„The techniques of the practitioner are usually called 'synthetic'. He designs by organizing known principles and devices into larger systems.“

—  Herbert A. Simon American political scientist, economist, sociologist, and psychologist 1916 - 2001
1940s-1950s, Simon (1945, p. 353); As cited in: Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences (2009) p. 425.

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