„I didn’t choose painting … It chose me. I didn’t have any talent. I just had genius.“

—  Grace Hartigan, As quoted in "Grace Hartigan, 86, Abstract Painter, Dies" in The New York Times (18 November 2008) http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/18/arts/design/18hartigan.html?_r=2
Grace Hartigan photo
Grace Hartigan4
American artist 1922 - 2008

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„I started painting as a hobby when I was little. I didn't know I had any talent. I believe talent is just a pursued interest. Anybody can do what I do.“

—  Bob Ross American painter, art instructor, and television host 1942 - 1995
Cathy Hainer (October 28, 1993) "PBS' stroke of serenity / Bob Ross brings brush of zen to 'Joy of Painting'", USA Today, p. 3D.

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„I think that I probably have a real talent for painting trees if I developed it assiduously.“

—  Patrick Swift British artist 1927 - 1983
Notebooks, Context: I think that I probably have a real talent for painting trees if I developed it assiduously. I want to give them great density and depth pile heaps of detail into them and yet keep the sense of presence which is the whole point.

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„The subject matter is unimportant, provided what I have done is interesting as a painting. I chose the modern era because it is the one I understand best; I find it more alive for people who are alive.“

—  Frédéric Bazille French painter 1841 - 1870
Quotes, undated, as quoted in: 'Frédéric Bazille and the Birth of Impressionism', Corrinne Chong, PhD -independent scholar http://www.19thc-artworldwide.org/autumn17/chong-reviews-frederic-bazille-and-the-birth-of-impressionism

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„The thought of becoming a painter never as much as occurred to me. I would have laughed out loud if someone had suggested that I choose painting as a career. To be a painter is not a business, no more than to be an artist, lover, racer, dreamer, or prizefighter. It is a gift of Nature, a gift..“

—  Maurice de Vlaminck French painter 1876 - 1958
Quotes undated, Quote of De Vlaminck; as cited in Vlaminck, Klaus G. Perls, The Hyperion Press, New York 1941, p. 51 To support his family of four, De Vlaminck had to find other means by which to earn a living, and ended up taking several other jobs, including working as a billiards players, a writer, a general worker, and even a cyclist

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„I worked for months on this painting [title 'The Stone-wheelbarrow of C. Adema', 1977], for instance that well-bucket on the wheelbarrow I painted a twenty times or more, and it is constructed exactly as nature has shaped it. I want to make it harder and harder for myself. 'That's how it is' doesn’t exist for me. Deepening, that's what it is all about. My wish is to make in due time a small painting in which I can hardly discover any longer that it is painted, that it is just there, like that. Just something very simple.“

—  Jopie Huisman Dutch painter 1922 - 2000
translation, Fons Heijnsbroek, 2018 version in original Dutch / citaat van Jopie Huisman, in het Nederlands: Maandenlang heb ik aan dit schilderij [titel: 'De steenkruiwagen van C. Adema', 1977] gewerkt en die putemmer bijvoorbeeld op de kruiwagen, heb ik wel twintig keer geschilderd en is precies zo opgebouwd als de natuur hem gevormd heeft. Ik wil het mezelf steeds moeilijker maken. Zo kan het wel – bestaat niet voor mij. Verdieping, daar gaat het om. Ik wil nog eens een keer een schilderijtje zo maken, dat ik haast niet meer kan zien dat het geschilderd is, dat het er gewoon is, zo, zonder meer. Iets heel eenvoudigs. p. 80

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