„Take the tone of the company you are in.“

—  Phillip Stanphone Chesterfield, 16 October 1747

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„I don't intend for this to take on a political tone. I'm just here for the drugs.“

—  Nancy Reagan actress and first lady of the United States 1921 - 2016
At an anti-drug rally, as quoted in 1001 Dumbest Things Ever Said (2004) by Steven D. Price, p. 19

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„Leading is not just about managing people. To lead, you have to help people understand where we’re trying to take the company and what their role is in getting it there.“

—  Mark Hurd American businessman, philanthropist and CEO of Oracle 1957
Interview with Baylor Business Review: "Q & A with Mark Hurd" https://bbr.baylor.edu/mark-hurd-fa06/ (Fall 2006)

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„Of the three primary colors, the three binary ones are formed. If you add to one of these the primary tone that is its opposite, it cancels it out. This means that you produce the required half-tone. Therefore, adding black is not adding a half-tone, it is soiling the tone whose true half-tone resides in this opposite me have just described. Hence the green shadows found in red. The heads of the two little peasants. The yellow one had purple shadows; the redder and more sanguine one had green ones.“

—  Paul Signac French painter 1863 - 1935
Quoted by Maria Buszek, online - note 19 http://mariabuszek.com/mariabuszek/kcai/Expressionism/Readings/SignacDelaNeo.pdf The notebook where this sentence appears was only published, in facsimile, in 1913 by . Signac therefore must have consulted it at the Conde Museum, in Chantilly. This Moroccan travel document was bought at the Delacroix sale by the painter Dauzats for the Duc of Aumale.

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„My works are 12-tone compositions, not 12-tone compositions“

—  Arnold Schoenberg Austrian-American composer 1874 - 1951
Stuckenschmidt, Hans Heinz. 1977, in Schoenberg: His Life, World and Work; translated from the German by Humphrey Searle. p. 349.

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