„All I had to do was to cross the river, capture Brussels, and then go on to take the port of Antwerp. The snow was waist-deep and there wasn’t room to deploy four tanks abreast, let alone six armored divisions. It didn’t get light until eight and was dark again at four, and my tanks can’t fight at night. And all this at Christmas time!“

—  Sepp Dietrich, About the Ardennes Offensive, quoted in "SS: Hell on the Western Front" - Page 166 - by Chris Bishop, Michael Williams - History - 2003
Sepp Dietrich photo
Sepp Dietrich
1892 - 1966

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Nassim Nicholas Taleb photo

„Don't cross a river if it is four feet deep on average.“

—  Nassim Nicholas Taleb Lebanese-American essayist, scholar, statistician, former trader and risk analyst 1960
p. 161

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Abby Sunderland photo
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„Do you believe in miracles?“

—  Federico Buffa, Riferita ai 13 punti in 35 secondi messi a segno da Tracy McGrady in Rockets-Spurs 9 dicembre 2004]

Harold Wilson photo

„Hughie, get your tanks off my lawn.“

—  Harold Wilson Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1916 - 1995
Statement to trade union leader Hugh Scanlon (c. 1969), as quoted in "Lord Scanlon" in The Telegraph (28 January 2004) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/1452770/Lord-Scanlon.html

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James Russell Lowell photo

„The snow had begun in the gloaming,
And busily all the night
Had been heaping field and highway
With a silence deep and white.“

—  James Russell Lowell American poet, critic, editor, and diplomat 1819 - 1891
The First Snowfall http://www.bartleby.com/248/351.html, st. 1 (1849)

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