„i>Never Write an Advertisement Which You Wouldn't Want Your Own Family To Read. You wouldn't tell lies to your own wife. Don't tell them to mine. Do as you would be done by.“

—  David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man, p. 87 (Ballantine Books)
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David Ogilvy5
1911 - 1999

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„Do not let your bachelor ways crystallize so that you can’t soften them when you come to have a wife and a family of your own.“

—  Rutherford B. Hayes American politician, 19th President of the United States (in office from 1877 to 1881) 1822 - 1893
Letter to his son, Webb Hayes (20 March 1890)

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„All those writers who write about their own childhood! Gentle God, if I wrote about mine you wouldn't sit in the same room with me.“

—  Dorothy Parker American poet, short story writer, critic and satirist 1893 - 1967
Interview in The Paris Review, Issue #13 http://books.google.com/books?id=iZt6sBaHemQC&q="all+those+writers+who+write+about+their+childhood+gentle+god+if+i+wrote+about+mine+you+wouldn't+sit+in+the+same+room+with+me"&pg=PA8#v=onepage (Summer 1956)

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„Tell him your country fought a war so you wouldn't have to answer to kings and queens."“

—  Suzanne Collins American television writer and novelist 1962
Context: "Luxa and I do not serve food, we are royalty." "Yeah, well, I'm the warrior and Boots is a princess. And you two are going to get pretty hungry if you're waiting for me to serve you." "Tell him, boy. Tell him your country fought a war so you wouldn't have to answer to kings and queens." Henry, Gregor, and Ripred, p. 217

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