„Some are jealous of being successors of the Apostles. I would rather be a successor of the Samaritan woman, who, while the Apostles went for meat and forgot souls, forgot her water pot in her zeal to spread the good tidings.“

—  Hudson Taylor, (Hudson Taylor’s Choice Sayings: A Compilation from His Writings and Addresses. London: China Inland Mission, n.d., 69).
Hudson Taylor photo
Hudson Taylor
1832 - 1905

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Khalil Gibran photo

„I was dead. I was a woman who had divorced her soul.“

—  Khalil Gibran Lebanese artist, poet, and writer 1883 - 1931
Context: I was dead. I was a woman who had divorced her soul. I was living apart from this self which you now see. I belonged to all men, and to none. They called me harlot, and a woman possessed of seven devils. I was cursed, and I was envied. But when His dawn-eyes looked into my eyes all the stars of my night faded away, and I became Miriam, only Miriam, a woman lost to the earth she had known, and finding herself in new places. Mary Magdalen: On Meeting Jesus For The First Time

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Moshe Chaim Luzzatto photo
Nancy Pelosi photo

„A woman is like a teabag. You can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.“

—  Nancy Pelosi American politician, first female Speaker of the House of Representatives, born 1940 1940
Interview with ABC News, as quoted by Hilary Clinton.

William Barnes photo

„But no. Too soon I voun' my charm abroke.
Noo comely soul in white like her—
Noo soul a-steppen light like her—
An' nwone o' comely height like her—
Went by; but all my grief agean awoke.“

—  William Barnes English writer, poet, clergyman, and philologist 1801 - 1886
The Wind at the Door, from Poets of the English Language, W. H. Auden and Norman Holmes Pearson (1950).

 Socrates photo
Gaio Valerio Catullo photo

„What a woman says to her ardent lover should be written in wind and running water.“

—  Gaio Valerio Catullo Latin poet -84 - -54 a.C.
LXX, lines 3–4. Compare Keats' epitaph: "Here lies one whose name was writ in water."

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Anne Frank photo

„Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?“

—  Anne Frank victim of the Holocaust and author of a diary 1929 - 1945
12 January 1944

Joyce Kilmer photo

„Her soul's light shines through,
But her soul cannot be seen.“

—  Joyce Kilmer American poet, editor, literary critic, soldier 1886 - 1918
Context: Her soul's light shines through, But her soul cannot be seen. It is something elusive, whimsical, tender, wanton, infantile, wise And noble.