„I may not be a great surgeon, but the one little heart I have, I have given to you.“

—  Chetan Bhagat, P. 92
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Chetan Bhagat65
Indian author, born 1974 1974

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„I have nothing but my heart and I have given it long ago to my country.“

—  Louis Riel Canadian politician 1844 - 1885
Immediately before his execution in 1885, when a guard asked him for a souvenir, as quoted in Fifty Mighty Men (1977) by Grant MacEwan, p. 45

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„I have a heart. I have a heart for Maine people.“

—  Paul LePage American businessman, Republican Party politician, and the 74th Governor of Maine 1948
As quoted by '. http://time.com/4172603/paul-lepage-chris-christie-maine-2016-election/ (January 8, 2016)

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