„The competent programmer is fully aware of the strictly limited size of his own skull; therefore he approaches the programming task in full humility, and among other things he avoids clever tricks like the plague.“

Dijkstra (1972) The Humble Programmer http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/EWD/transcriptions/EWD03xx/EWD340.html (EWD340).

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Edsger Dijkstra photo
Edsger Dijkstra3
1930 - 2002

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Michael Shea photo

„He’s here, of course, strictly through his own ambitious carelessness.“

—  Michael Shea, livro Nifft the Lean

“Prime flaws of youth, of course—but also its strengths, this carelessness and ambition.”
Part 3, Chapter 14 (p. 191)
Nifft the Lean (1982)

Edsger W. Dijkstra photo

„Don't blame me for the fact that competent programming, as I view it as an intellectual possibility, will be too difficult for "the average programmer"“

—  Edsger W. Dijkstra Dutch computer scientist 1930 - 2002

you must not fall into the trap of rejecting a surgical technique because it is beyond the capabilities of the barber in his shop around the corner.
Dijkstra (1975) Comments at a Symposium http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/EWD/transcriptions/EWD05xx/EWD512.html (EWD 512).

John D. Carmack photo

„Because of the nature of Moore's law, anything that an extremely clever graphics programmer can do at one point can be replicated by a merely competent programmer some number of years later.“

—  John D. Carmack American computer programmer, engineer, and businessman 1970

Quoted in Tom Ham, "Interview: John Carmack" http://archive.gamespy.com/interviews/april01/carmack/ gamespy.com (2004-01)

Махатма Ганди photo

„I must reduce myself to zero. So long as a man does not of his own free will put himself last among his fellow creatures, there is no salvation for him. Ahimsa is the farthest limit of humility.“

—  Махатма Ганди pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism during British-ruled India 1869 - 1948

Farewell, p. 454
1920s, An Autobiography (1927)
Contexto: To see the universal and all-pervading Spirit of Truth face to face one must be able to love the meanest of creation as oneself. And a man who aspires after that cannot afford to keep out of any field of life. That is why my devotion to Truth has drawn me into the field of politics; and I can say without the slightest hesitation, and yet in all humility, that those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means.
Identification with everything that lives is impossible without self-purification; without self-purification the observance of the law of Ahimsa must remain an empty dream; God can never be realized by one who is not pure of heart. Self-purification therefore must mean purification in all the walks of life. And purification being highly infectious, purification of oneself necessarily leads to the purification of one's surroundings.
But the path of self-purification is hard and steep. To attain to perfect purity one has to become absolutely passion-free in thought, speech and action; to rise above the opposing currents of love and hatred, attachment and repulsion. I know that I have not in me as yet that triple purity, in spite of constant ceaseless striving for it. That is why the world's praise fails to move me, indeed it very often stings me. To conquer the subtle passions seems to me to be far harder than the physical conquest of the world by the force of arms. Ever since my return to India I have had experiences of the dormant passions lying hidden within me. The knowledge of them has made me feel humiliated though not defeated. The experiences and experiments have sustained me and given me great joy. But I know that I have still before me a difficult path to traverse. I must reduce myself to zero. So long as a man does not of his own free will put himself last among his fellow creatures, there is no salvation for him. Ahimsa is the farthest limit of humility.

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„I was about to say, 'Avoid fame like the plague,' but you know, they can cure the plague with penicillin these days.“

—  Larry Wall American computer programmer and author, creator of Perl 1954

[199709242015.NAA10312@wall.org, 1997]
Usenet postings, 1997

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Henry Suso photo
B.K.S. Iyengar photo
Robert Southey photo

„He passed a cottage with a double coach-house,
A cottage of gentility;
And he owned with a grin
That his favorite sin
Is pride that apes humility.“

—  Robert Southey British poet 1774 - 1843

St. 8. Compare: "And the Devil did grin, for his darling sin / Is pride that apes humility", Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Devil's Thoughts.
The Devil's Walk http://www.rc.umd.edu/editions/shelley/devil/devil.rs1860.html (1799)

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