„The deckhands are in control, and the base have the upper hand over the noble.“

—  Teógnis Mégara, Elegies, Line 667

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„We believe we are rising because while keeping the same base inclinations (for instance: the desire to triumph over others) we have given them a noble object. We should, on the contrary, rise by attaching noble inclinations to lowly objects.“

—  Simone Weil French philosopher, Christian mystic, and social activist 1909 - 1943
Gravity and Grace (1947), Croire qu’on s’élève parce qu’en gardant les mêmes bas penchants (exemple : désir de l’emporter sur autrui) on leur a donné des objets élevés. On s’élèverait au contraire en attachant à des objets bas des penchants élevés. La pesanteur et la grâce (1948), p. 61 p. 48 (1972 edition)

„All large organizations have an internal power struggle over the goals and resources of the organization…. In the largest firms, there are two bases of control : formal ownership and authority. Those who own the firm control by virtue of ownership. Authority relations embedded in the organizational structure legitimate how managers can control organizations.“

—  Neil Fligstein American sociologist 1951
The transformation of corporate control, 1993, p. 10 ; As cited in: François L'Italien, BÉHÉMOTH CAPITAL. Contribution à une théorie dialectique de la financiarisation de la grande corporation. Université Laval, 2012. p. 147 (Many of the following quotes came from this source)

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„But we do have control over how we respond to the world. We do have control over how we treat one another.“

—  Barack Obama 44th President of the United States of America 1961
2016, Memorial Service for Fallen Dallas Police Officers (July 2016), Context: For all of us, life presents challenges and suffering -- accidents, illnesses, the loss of loved ones. There are times when we are overwhelmed by sudden calamity, natural or manmade. All of us, we make mistakes. And at times we are lost. And as we get older, we learn we don’t always have control of things -- not even a President does. But we do have control over how we respond to the world. We do have control over how we treat one another.

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„Circumstances over which I have no control.“

—  Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington British soldier and statesman 1769 - 1852
Phrase said to have first been used by Wellington, as quoted in notes for 18 September 1836 I hope you will not think I am deficient in feeling toward you, or that I am wanting in desire to serve you, because the results of my attempts have failed, owing to circumstances over which I have no control. As quoted in The Life and Letters of Lady Hester Stanhope (1914) http://www.archive.org/details/lifelettersoflad00clevuoft edited by Catherine Lucy Wilhelmina Powlett, Duchess of Cleveland

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„A gifted noble people; a people of wild strong feelings, and of iron restraint over these: the characteristic of noble-mindedness, of genius.“

—  Thomas Carlyle Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher 1795 - 1881
1840s, Heroes and Hero-Worship (1840), The Hero as Prophet

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„Students today don’t debate whether the state should have any control over their lives, they only debate how much control it should have.“

—  Phillip Abbott Luce 1935 - 1998
As quoted in “For Utopia, Curb State Controls”, Peggy Baker, Ames Daily Tribune (Ames, Iowa), January 23, 1970

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