„Business firms, in which controlled cooperation takes place, are the first important implication of costly transactions. The laissez-faire filtering process, using the profit test, selects some of these business organizations for survival and rejects others.“

Fonte: Economic, Political, and Legal Dimensions of Competition. 1980, p. 25

Harold Demsetz photo
Harold Demsetz7
American economist 1930 - 2019

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Steve Blank photo
Steve Blank photo

„No business plan survives its first contact with customers.“

—  Steve Blank American businessman 1953

Fonte: The Startup Owner’s Manual (2012), p. 53.

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„When trust is lost, a nation's ability to transact business is palpably undermined.“

—  Alan Greenspan 13th Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the United States 1926

Fonte: 2000s, The Age of Turbulence (2008), Chapter Twelve, "The Universals of Economic Growth", p. 256.

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„Business is the real test of the moral life.“

—  Ted Malloch American businessman 1952

Fonte: Doing Virtuous Business (Thomas Nelson, 2011), p. 17.

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„To select, combine and concentrate that which is beautiful in nature and admirable in art is as much the business of the landscape painter in his line as in the other departments of art.“

—  J.M.W. Turner British Romantic landscape painter, water-colourist, and printmaker 1775 - 1851

Quote of Turner, c. 1810; as quoted in: Dennis Hugh Halloran (1970) The Classical Landscape Paintings of J.M.W. Turner. p. 75
1795 - 1820

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