„DR JAMES DOBSON: George, you think you ought to lecture me on what a Christian is all about? You know, I think -I think I'll stand by the things I have said. Patrick Leahy has been in opposition to most of the things that I believe. He is the one that took the reference to God out of the oath.“


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„What do you think about me is not my business the important thing is what I think about myself…“

—  Robert T. Kiyosaki American finance author , investor 1947

Fonte: Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad's Guide to Financial Freedom

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„I think you’ve got to have your feet planted firmly on the ground, especially in this business, and you must not believe things that are said or written about you, because everything gets out of proportion one way or the other.“

—  Judi Dench English film, stage and television actress 1934

Judi Dench – Grand Dame of Cinema http://www.comingsoon.net/extras/news/12246-judi-dench-grand-dame-of-cinema (December 6, 2005)

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