„Simulated evolution on a computer works but is no where near the gradual incremental process that is associated with Darwinian evolution. It's closer to dog breeding in terms of its computational complexity.“

In the universe, [besides] space, matter and energy, there is information. [Information hasn't yet] been [well] defined nor studied.
Many times proponents of evolutionary computing … refuse to recognize the contribution of [the programmer's infusion of information] into the process.
Association with ID (intelligent design) in any way is detrimental to one's career. Everybody who works in ID should first have tenure before they come out of the closet.
My comments are as an expert in computational intelligence. I'm not a biologist. For me to talk about the details of biology is as stupid as a British biologist claiming expertise in religion. (A reference to Richard Dawkins.)
Engineers actually design things. This is why [many] engineers are interested in the area of intelligent design
"Well-Informed: Dr. Robert Marks and the Evolutionary Informatics Lab,", From an interview with Casey Luskin of the pro-intelligent design Discovery Institute, July 20, 2007, 2010-05-06 http://www.idthefuture.com/2007/07/wellinformed_dr_robert_marks_a.html,

Robert J. Marks II photo
Robert J. Marks II10
American electrical engineering researcher and intelligent … 1950

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Ray Comfort photo

„So were our ancestors apes, pigs, or dogs? That's up to you and your imagination, if you believe in evolution.“

—  Ray Comfort New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist 1949

You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can't Make Him Think (2009)

Bob Beatty photo

„Every German Shepherd, Schnauzer and hunting dog writes a comment because you’re fearless and a really tough person behind a computer, but most of those people don’t face you.“

—  Bob Beatty American-football player (1955-) 1955

Fonte: Trinity Coach Bob Beatty on Bobby Petrino, The Courier Journal, 8 Jan 2014, 29 May 2017, Jones, Steve http://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2014/01/08/trinity-coach-bob-beatty-on-bobby-petrino-theres-nobody-better-to-lead-louisville/4380995/,

William Penn photo

„Men are generally more careful of the breed of their horses and dogs than of their children.“

—  William Penn English real estate entrepreneur, philosopher, early Quaker and founder of the Province of Pennsylvania 1644 - 1718

Fruits of Solitude (1682), Part I

Kiran Desai photo

„In India, if you are from the elite, dogs are extremely important. The breed of the dog indicates your wealth, that you are westernized. The cook, another human being, is on a much lower level than your dog. You see this all the time.“

—  Kiran Desai Indian author 1971

Kiran Desai on the Costs Of Literary Celebrity http://online.wsj.com/article/SB117701272922375905.html (April 21, 2007) by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg, The Wall Street Journal

Virginia Woolf photo

„Two things alone remained to him in which he now put any trust: dogs and nature; an elk-hound and a rose bush. The world, in all its variety, life in all its complexity, had shrunk to that. Dogs and a bush were the whole of it.“

—  Virginia Woolf, livro Orlando: A Biography

Fonte: Orlando: A Biography (1928), Ch. 2
Contexto: At the age of thirty, or thereabouts, this young Nobleman had not only had every experience that life has to offer, but had seen the worthlessness of them all. Love and ambition, women and poets were all equally vain. Literature was a farce. The night after reading Greene's Visit to a Nobleman in the Country, he burnt in a great conflagration fifty-seven poetical works, only retaining 'The Oak Tree', which was his boyish dream and very short. Two things alone remained to him in which he now put any trust: dogs and nature; an elk-hound and a rose bush. The world, in all its variety, life in all its complexity, had shrunk to that. Dogs and a bush were the whole of it.

Harriet Beecher Stowe photo
Grady Booch photo
Richelle Mead photo
Toby Keith photo

„Every dog has its day, dog
And today, dog, just ain't yours.“

—  Toby Keith American country music singer and actor 1961

Every Dog Has Its Day, written with Bobby Pinson and John Waples.
Song lyrics, American Ride (2009)

Newton Lee photo
Karl Pilkington photo

„On seals - Its between a fish and a dog.“

—  Karl Pilkington English television personality, social commentator, actor, author and former radio producer 1972

Podcast Series 2 Episode 3
On Nature

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Marcus Aurelius photo

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