„There can never be another Murray Walker. We will try to enjoy Formula One and motor racing without him, but it will never be the same. Unless I am mistaken, we've lost an institution.“

—  Murray Walker, About, Martin Brundle — reported in Gary Emmerson (December 31, 2000) "The Express: Bye bye motor mouth Murray", The Express.

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Abraham Lincoln photo

„I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.“

—  Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States 1809 - 1865
1860s, Likely spurious quote, UNVERIFIED ATTRIBUTE - Quoted in The Lexington Observer & Reporter (16 June 1864)

Murray Walker photo

„Motor racing can never be totally safe and it never should be in my opinion. But thank God it's a lot safer now.“

—  Murray Walker Motorsport commentator and journalist 1923
Interviews, The Gold Coast Bulletin staff (October 26, 2002) "Weekender", The Gold Coast Bulletin, p. W09.

Margaret Drabble photo
Anthony Trollope photo
Dinah Craik photo
Pete Yorn photo
Zooey Deschanel photo

„I was never no, never no, never enough,
But I can try, I can try to toughen up.“

—  Zooey Deschanel American actress, musician, and singer-songwriter 1980
She & Him : Volume One (2008), "Change Is Hard".

Pete Yorn photo
 Ikkyu photo

„Having no destination, I am never lost.“

—  Ikkyu Japanese Buddhist monk 1394 - 1481
Disputed, Attributed to Ikkyu in Nine-headed Dragon River : Zen journals, 1969-1985 (1986) by Peter Matthiessen

Jane Austen photo
Cassandra Clare photo
Ayi Kwei Armah photo
Cecelia Ahern photo
Agatha Christie photo
J. G. Ballard photo

„Human beings today … are surrounded by huge institutions we can never penetrate“

—  J. G. Ballard British writer 1930 - 2009
A User's Guide to the Millennium (1996), Context: Human beings today … are surrounded by huge institutions we can never penetrate: the City [London's Wall Street], the banking system, political and advertising conglomerates, vast entertainment enterprises. They've made themselves user friendly, but they define the tastes to which we conform. They're rather subtle, subservient tyrants, but no less sinister for that. "Kafka in the Present Day", originally published in [London] Sunday Times (1983)

H.P. Lovecraft photo

„I love to dream, but I never try to dream and think at the same time.“

—  H.P. Lovecraft American author 1890 - 1937
Non-Fiction, Letters, Context: I am no less impressed than you by the magnitude, complexity and essential beauty of the cosmos; nor am I less sensible to the veil which separates us from the grasping of ultimate reality. The great difference between us in these matters is that you like to colour your philosophical-scientific speculations with your aesthetic feelings; whilst I feel a great cleavage betwixt emotion and perceptive analysis, and never try to mix the two. Emotionally I stand breathless at the awe and loveliness and mystery of space with its ordered suns and worlds. In that mood I endorse religion, and people the fields and streams and groves with the Grecian deities and local spirits of old—for at heart I am a pantheistic pagan of the old tradition which Christianity has never reached. But when I start thinking I throw off emotion as excess baggage, and settle down to the prosaic and exact task of seeing simply what is, or probably is, and what isn't, or probably isn't. I love to dream, but I never try to dream and think at the same time. Letter to Woodburn Harris (25 February-1 March 1929), in Selected Letters II, 1925-1929 edited by August Derleth and Donald Wandrei, p. 312

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“