„Yesterday's songs
Don't stay around long,
Not much anymore.
Yesterday's words
Don't make themselves heard
Like they did before.“

Yesterday's Songs
Song lyrics, On the Way to the Sky (1981)

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Will Rogers photo

„Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.“

—  Will Rogers American humorist and entertainer 1879 - 1935


John Wooden photo

„Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.“

—  John Wooden American basketball coach 1910 - 2010

Fonte: Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court

Anne Sexton photo
Babe Ruth photo

„Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games“

—  Babe Ruth American baseball player 1895 - 1948

The earliest quotes similar to this are presented as unattributed folk wisdom, such as this example from 1959:
As Brother Allen of Newsweek indicated, it has been fun, but don't try to rest on your laurels. Always remember, “YESTERDAY’S HOME-RUN DOESN’T COUNT IN TODAY’S GAME,” and today’s game is well under way.
The quote does not begin to be attributed to Babe Ruth until the 1980s, nearly 30 years after its first appearance.
Fonte: F. N. Abbott, "On Your Marks", in [The Palm, vol lxxix, no. 1 (February 1959), Harry L., Bird (ed.), 1959, Champaign, IL, Alpha Tau Omega, 17, http://hdl.handle.net/2027/uiuc.1744313v0079?urlappend=%3Bseq=19]
Fonte: https://books.google.com/books?id=cQsKAQAAMAAJ&dq=%22Yesterday%27s+home+runs%22&focus=searchwithinvolume&q=Ruth

Robert Oppenheimer photo

„It's not that I don't feel bad about it. It's just that I don't feel worse today than what I felt yesterday.“

—  Robert Oppenheimer American theoretical physicist and professor of physics 1904 - 1967

Response to question on his feelings about the atomic bombings, while visiting Japan in 1960.

Suze Robertson photo

„Dear Richard, I was just coming home from [painting] an interior [with people! ]. It was terribly dark today and yesterday, but today I made a pretty good study. I still sleep badly and feel nervous because of that... I don't need to come to The Hague for my drawing lessons... How long we will stay here [in nl:Heeze ], I don't know. I will write you at least in advance. If I don't start sleeping better I will not stay much longer, I think.“

—  Suze Robertson Dutch painter 1855 - 1922

translation from original Dutch, Fons Heijnsbroek, 2018
(version in original Dutch / origineel citaat van Suze Robertson's brief:) Lieve Richard, Zo eeven kom ik thuis van een interieur [met mensen!]. Het was vandaag en gisteren vreeslijk donker toch heb ik vandaag nogal een goede studie gemaakt. Ik slaap altijd nog slecht en voel me daardoor zenuwachtig.. .Ik hoef nu niet voor lessen [tekenlessen die ze geeft] naar Den Haag te komen.. .hoe lang we hier [in Heeze] blijven, weet ik niet. Ik schrijf het je in elk geval vooruit. Als ik niet beter slaap denk ik voor mij niet lang meer.
Quote of a letter of Suze Robertson from Heeze, July/August 1904, to her husband Richard Bisschop in The Hague; as cited in Suze Robertson 1855-1922 – Schilderes van het harde en zware leven, exhibition catalog, ed. Peter Thoben; Museum Kemperland, Eindhoven, 2008, p. 11
1900 - 1922

D. S. Bradford photo
Paul McCartney photo

„Why she had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say
I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday.“

—  Paul McCartney English singer-songwriter and composer 1942

"Yesterday", from Help! (1965)
Lyrics, The Beatles

Oliver Wendell Holmes photo
Paul McCartney photo
Felix Frankfurter photo

„Judicial judgment must take deep account…of the day before yesterday in order that yesterday may not paralyze today.“

—  Felix Frankfurter American judge 1882 - 1965

Quoted in National Observer (Silver Spring, Maryland, March 1, 1965).
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Alan Moore photo
Leo Tolstoy photo
Howard Zinn photo
Glenn Beck photo
Jerry Spinelli photo
Bill O'Reilly photo

„When I die, I don't want my demise to be used as a political rally, and that's what happened yesterday.“

—  Bill O'Reilly American political commentator, television host and writer 1949

Using a Funeral to Make Political Points
The O'Reilly Factor
Fox News
In response to civil rights leader Coretta Scott King's funeral.

Carl Sandburg photo

„Yesterday is done. Tomorrow never comes. Today is here. If you don't know what to do, sit still and listen.“

—  Carl Sandburg American writer and editor 1878 - 1967

Incidentals (1904)
Contexto: Yesterday is done. Tomorrow never comes. Today is here. If you don't know what to do, sit still and listen. You may hear something. Nobody knows.
We may pull apart the petals of a rose or make chemical analysis of its perfume, but the mystic beauty of its form and odor is still a secret, locked in to where we have no keys.

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