„The trade union movement represents the organized economic power of the workers… It is in reality the most potent and the most direct social insurance the workers can establish.“

Samuel Gompers, " Not Even Compulsory Benevolence Will Do http://books.google.com/books?id=3LVLAAAAYAAJ&dq=in%20reality%20the%20most%20potent%20and%20the%20most%20direct%20social%20insurance&pg=PA47#v=onepage&q=in%20reality%20the%20most%20potent%20and%20the%20most%20direct%20social%20insurance&f=false." The American Federationist. January 1917, p. 47.

Samuel Gompers photo
Samuel Gompers
1850 - 1924

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„Political abstractions can disguise or change the meaning of the most elementary realities.“

—  Theodore Dalrymple English doctor and writer 1949

Gillray’s Ungloomy Morality http://www.city-journal.org/html/12_1_oh_to_be.html (Winter 2002).
City Journal (1998 - 2008)

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Peter L. Berger photo
Ai Weiwei photo
Erica Jong photo

„Photographs… are the most curious indicators of reality.“

—  Erica Jong Novelist, poet, memoirist, critic 1942

How to Save Your Own Life (1977)

„People as adaptive organisms adjust their behavior and beliefs to the social context and to the reality of their own past and present behavior and situation.“

—  Gerald R. Salancik American organizational theorist 1943 - 1996

Fonte: A social information processing approach to job attitudes and task design. 1978, p. 226

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C.G. Jung photo

„While reflecting an indisputable aspect of reality, it can falsify the actual truth in a most misleading way.“

—  C.G. Jung Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology 1875 - 1961

p 6
The Undiscovered Self (1958)
Contexto: Any theory based on experience is necessarily statistical; that is to say, it formulates an ideal average which abolishes all exceptions at either end of the scale and replaces them by an abstract mean. This mean is quite valid though it need not necessarily occur in reality. Despite this it figures in the theory as an unassailable fundamental fact. … If, for instance, I determine the weight of each stone in a bed of pebbles and get an average weight of 145 grams, this tells me very little about the real nature of the pebbles. Anyone who thought, on the basis of these findings, that he could pick up a pebbles of 145 grams at the first try would be in for a serious disappointment. Indeed, it might well happen that however long he searched he would not find a single pebble weighing exactly 145 grams. The statistical method shows the facts in the light of the ideal average but does not give us a picture of their empirical reality. While reflecting an indisputable aspect of reality, it can falsify the actual truth in a most misleading way.

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Aaron Sorkin photo

„Socializing on the internet is to socializing, what reality TV is to reality.“

—  Aaron Sorkin American screenwriter, producer, playwright 1961

The Colbert Report http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/360641/september-30-2010/aaron-sorkin at 7m35s. Aired 2010/09/30, retrieved 2010/10/16.
said whilst promoting The Social Network in an interview with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report in defense of not having a Facebook account.

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Carl Bernstein photo

„The reality is that the media are probably the most powerful of all our institutions today and they, or rather we [journalists], too often are squandering our power and ignoring our obligations. The consequence of our abdication of responsibility is the ugly spectacle of idiot culture!“

—  Carl Bernstein American journalist 1944

The best obtainable version of the truth http://www.riasberlin.de/rcom-pubs/rcus-pubs-news4-98.html, Carl Bernstein's talk at the annual convention of the Radio and Television News Directors Association, 1998-09-26.

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“