„I have felt that some sort of awful shame is attached to my name and that I have somehow brought this shame along from somewhere I have never been, and that I have carried this sin as my sin even though I have never committed it; this sin pursues me all my life, which life is undoubtedly not my own even thought I live it, I suffer from it die of it.“


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Ferdinand Marcos photo

„I have committed many sins in my life. But stealing money from the government, from the people, is not one of them.“

— Ferdinand Marcos former President of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986 1917 - 1989
in an interview on ABC

Jan Hus photo

„God is my witness that I have never taught or preached that which false witnesses have testified against me. He knows that the great object of all my preaching and writing was to convert men from sin. In the truth of that gospel which hitherto I have written, taught and preached, I now joyfully die.“

— Jan Hus Czech linguist, religion writer, theologist, university educator and science writer 1369 - 1415
Jan Hus (1415); quoted in: Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and General Literature, Volume 12, 1891, p. 401

George S. Patton photo

„All my life, I thought I was a Conservative. Now I know that I have never been one. The scales have dropped from my eyes.“

— Keith Joseph British barrister and politician 1918 - 1994
Obituary http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/obituary-lord-joseph-1387217.html, The Independent, Monday 12 December 1994.

Francis of Assisi photo

„I have sinned against my brother the ass.“

— Francis of Assisi Catholic saint and founder of the Franciscan Order 1182 - 1226

Charles Kingsley photo

„I have fought my fight, I have lived my life,
I have drunk my share of wine;
From Trier to Köln there was never a knight
Had a merrier life than mine.“

— Charles Kingsley English clergyman, historian and novelist 1819 - 1875
Quoted in Albert Jay Nock's Memoirs of a Superfluous Man (1943), p. 54.

Berthe Morisot photo
Tom Baker photo
Charlotte Perkins Gilman photo
Arthur Miller photo
Jan Hus photo
Bill Hybels photo
Halldór Laxness photo

„I carry on in my own narrow little tunnel and we have very different experiences of life even though we live together.“

— Siobhan Fahey singer and songwriter in Banarama and Shakespears Sister 1958
On her relation with David A. Stewart, her husband at the time, in "Siobhan Fahey?" The Observer (19 May 1996) http://web.archive.org/20090211192644/www.geocities.com/djohnl_2000/Interviews/1996_May_Observer.html

Edward Dorr Griffin photo
Desiderius Erasmus photo

„I have no patience with those who say that sexual excitement is shameful and that venereal stimuli have their origin not in nature, but in sin. Nothing is so far from the truth.“

— Desiderius Erasmus Dutch Renaissance humanist, Catholic priest, and theologian 1466 - 1536
Context: I have no patience with those who say that sexual excitement is shameful and that venereal stimuli have their origin not in nature, but in sin. Nothing is so far from the truth. As if marriage, whose function cannot be fulfilled without these incitements, did not rise above blame. In other living creatures, where do these incitements come from? From nature or from sin? From nature, of course. It must borne in mind that in the apetites of the body there is very little difference between man and other living creatures. Finally, we defile by our imagination what of its own nature is fair and holy. If we were willing to evaluate things not according to the opinion of the crowd, but according to nature itself, how is it less repulsive to eat, chew, digest, evacuate, and sleep after the fashion of dumb animals, than to enjoy lawful and permitted carnal relations? In Praise of Marriage (1519), in Erasmus on Women (1996) Erika Rummel <!-- De Conscribendis Epistolas -->