„There is a very stunning range of studies... of interstellar organic matter... the cold, dark spaces between the stars are also loaded with organic matter.... complex organic materials are everywhere.“

—  Carl Sagan
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1934 - 1996

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„Any approach to the study of organizations is built on specific assumptions about the nature of organizations and how they are designed and function.“

—  Karl E. Weick Organisational psychologist 1936
R.L. Daft, Karl E. Weick. "Toward a model of organizations as interpretation systems," Academy of management review, 1984.


„Organization theory is the branch of sociology that studies organizations as distinct units in society. The organizations examined range from sole proprietorships, hospitals and community-based non-profit organizations to vast global corporations. The field’s domain includes questions of how organizations are structured, how they are linked to other organizations, and how these structures and linkages change over time. Although it has roots in administrative theories, Weber’s theory of bureaucracy, the theory of the firm in microeconomics, and Coase’s theory of firm boundaries, organization theory as a distinct domain of sociology can be traced to the late 1950s and particularly to the work of the Carnegie School. In addition to sociology, organization theory draws on theory in economics, political science and psychology, and the range of questions addressed reflects this disciplinary diversity. While early work focused on specific questions about organizations per se – for instance, why hierarchy is so common, or how businesses set prices – later work increasingly studied organizations and their environments, and ultimately organizations as building blocks of society. Organization theory can thus be seen as a family of mechanisms for analysing social outcomes.“

—  Gerald F. Davis American sociologist 1961
Gerald F. Davis (2013). "Organizational theory," in: Jens Beckert & Milan Zafirovski (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Economic Sociology, p. 484-488

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„The aim [of positivism in organization studies] is to reveal causal regularities that underlie surface reality.“

—  Lex Donaldson British-Australian organizational sociologist 1947
Lex Donaldson (2003; 41), as cited in: Walter R. Nord, ‎Ann F. Connell (2012). Rethinking the Knowledge Controversy in Organization Studies. p. 150.

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