„The purpose of this book is to show how economic analysis can be used in formulating business policies. It is therefore a departure from the main stream of economic writings on the theory of the firm, much of which is too simple in its assumptions and too complicated in its logical development to be managerially useful. The big gap between the problems of logic that intrigue economic theorists and the problems of policy that plague practical management needs to be bridged in order to give executives access to the practical contributions that economic thinking can make to top-management policies.“

—  Joel Dean, Preface
Joel Dean2
American economics wrtier 1906 - 1979

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„The relationship between a civilization's socio-economic structure and its culture is perhaps the most complicated of all problems for the sociologist.“

—  Daniel Bell American sociologist, writer, editor, and professor emeritus at Harvard University 1919 - 2011
Chapter 1, The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism, p. 33

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„Shared cultural meaning, as it is institutionalised in public policies and state structures, influences the pragmatic solutions groups envision to such instrumental problems as economic growth.“

—  Frank Dobbin American sociologist 1956
Frank Dobbin (1993), "The Social Construction of the Great Depression: Industrial Policy during the 1930s in the United States, Britain and France," in: Theory and Society 22, p. 49; As cited in: Kieran Healy (1998)


„Technology has solved old economic problems by giving us new psychological problems.“

—  Mark Manson American writer and blogger 1984
Chapter 3, “You Are Not Special” (p. 60)

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„Although he was authoritarian and ruled dictatorially, Pinochet's support of neoliberal economic policies and his unwillingness to support national businesses distinguished him from classical fascists.“

—  Augusto Pinochet Former dictator of the republic of Chile 1915 - 2006
Cyprian Blamires, Paul Jackson, World Fascism: A Historical Encyclopedia, Volume 1 . ABC-CLIO.2006.

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