„Modern industrial design is based on the principle of conspicuous economy [but] the bourgeois culture which dominates the Western World is founded... on the principle of conspicuous waste.“

—  Lewis Mumford, Lewis Mumford (1930) Modern American design. R.L. Leonard, & ‎C.A. Glassgold (eds.), ‎American Union of Decorative Artists and Craftsmen. p. 9; As cited in: V.T. Clayton et al. Drawing on America's Past, p. 28
Lewis Mumford photo
Lewis Mumford1
1895 - 1990

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„An Afro who gets dragged into Helsinki from an African savannah pollutes no less with his conspicuous consumption than an ethnic Finn. He will probably pollute more because moving from the stone age directly into the modern world deprives him of ecological conscience typical of a western human being.“

—  Jussi Halla-aho Finnish Slavic linguist, blogger and a politician 1971
Jussi Halla-aho (2007), published in the blog Scripta Hyvää kesää! http://web.archive.org/web/20070626154617/http://halla-aho.com/scripta/hyvaa_kesaa.html, June 21, 2007

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„Nothing is more conspicuous than a farting princess.“

—  Jack Vance American mystery and speculative fiction writer 1916 - 2013
Chapter 3, section 3 (p. 31)

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„The treatment of the Negro is America's greatest and most conspicuous scandal.“

—  Gunnar Myrdal Swedish economist 1898 - 1987
Context: The treatment of the Negro is America's greatest and most conspicuous scandal. It is tremendously publicized, and democratic America will continue to publicize it itself. For the colored peoples all over the world, whose rising influence is axiomatic, this scandal is salt in their wounds. p. 1020

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